Dumitru Țîra: The mayor position should not be politicized

Dumitru Țîra, candidate of "European People's Party of Moldova", believes that the position of mayor should not be politicized. He says that, unfortunately, this has been the case so far, "because the parties of the previously elected mayors have stolen from this city through tenders and relatives, who operated there." The opinion was expressed at the public debates "Only one of many: who and why?", organized by the IPN Press Agency.

According to the candidate, his desire to run for the mayor seat was dictated by all the worries that people face - damaged roads and sidewalks, dust, smell and other problems related to public transport, garbage disposal. In his opinion, the municipality of Chisinau is in a crisis situation and in these conditions another vision and approach is needed in all that means development.

Dumitru Țîra argues that the elections of October 20 are a kind of farce, since two of the candidates behave as if they had already won the race. In this context, he urges voters not to fear voting against those who do not represent them, even if the other parties are smaller.

The PPEM candidate states that his mission at the City Hall is to cleanse it of the "followers of Dorin Chirtoaca", to fight against corruption and parties’ influence on the public administration. "The mayor should be independent, apolitical, not a party member but a person who thinks of every city dweller." The candidate says that he deserves to be voted, because "there is no vote against everyone on the ballot."

In other news, Dumitru Țîra, believes that a farce is also witnessed at the legislation level as regards the procedure for the accumulation of ten thousand signatures in order to be registered as an independent candidate in the elections. He says there is a problem at the level of debates organization regulation, because they have to take place at a certain time, which establishes a limitation. "In fact, the legislation created some conditions to favour the big parties and not to allow the movements, the independent initiatives to show their position related to everything that concerns the municipality of Chisinau in this campaign", maintains the candidate.

According to the electoral contender, Chisinau is a rich city, with an annual budget of over four billion lei. "The city is fortunate to have hard-working people who are unlucky enough to have lazy leaders who are subservient to party interests and steal from them on daily basis. Chisinau has demonstrated more than once that it has the courage to oppose the political parties. People need to understand that if they continue to vote for a mayor who represents a party, their life will remain the same, as we see outside," said Dumitru Țîra.

The next debates are scheduled for October 16.

The debates "Only one from many: who and why?", with the participation of the candidates for the position of general mayor of Chisinau municipality, the second round, constitute the 119th edition of the cycle "Development of political culture in public debates", supported by the German Foundation Hanns Seidel.


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