Dumitru Diacov: I was against it, but I voted

The head of the Democratic Party (PDM) parliamentary group Dumitru Diacov was against the proposal to condemn the totalitarian Communist regime and to forbid the political use of the hammer and the sickle symbol. However, he voted for it because of the discipline within the governing alliance. The statement was made during the political debate “The weapon, the art and the burden of political compromise”, organized by Info-Prim Neo news agency. “I’m not a Communist. The Communists have been my political opponents for 20 years now, just like the Liberals. I raised my hand for the vote because there is discipline within the Alliance. The law allows the Party of Communists to participate in elections with other symbols. They can adopt a new symbol and sleep with the hammer and the sickle under their pillows”, said Diacov. Meanwhile, the PDM parliamentarian claims that PCRM doesn’t want the Liberals to fall, because it is easier for them during elections to fight a party from the opposite wing. “During electoral campaigns, our politics turn black and white, radical. Sometimes, the leftist radical pretends to fight the rightist, but in truth they need each other. The leftists resists because the rightist exists. This doesn’t stem from the people, but from the parties. These are patriots and those are patriots, but their patriotism never meets”, explained Dumitru Diacov. On the other hand, Liberal Party MP Valeriu Munteanu declared that “Down with the Communists!” is something that must be carried out. “As long as we have this monster, it’s impossible to reach the next level of political compromise. We now where the cancer is, we started to cut out this ill body and we’ll use the method of surgery”, stressed Valeriu Munteanu. In reply, Communist MP Artur Resetnicov declared that the current government and opposition would never reach a consensus because the Alliance for European Integration acted like a scythe that cut everything. “They forbid our symbols, sue us for shouting “Down with the Alliance”. Is this the basis for a compromise? Is shutting down a TV channel a reason for compromise?” asked Artur Resetnicov. The MP says that during the Communist government, PCRM always gave a hand to the opposition, but now AIE hit the Communists’ Party below the belt. “You’re dropping the nuclear bomb on the Communists. If you go on like this in autumn, we can definitively rule out a compromise”, concluded Resetnicov. On July 12, 2012, the Parliament condemned the totalitarian Communist regime and forbid the Communist symbols. The Communists repeatedly declared they would not give up their symbols. The political debate “The weapon, the art and the burden of political compromise” is the seventh in the series of similar events organized as part of the project “Developing political culture in public debates”, supported by German Foundation Hanns Seidel.

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