Dumitru Alaiba: The perpetrators of the billion theft will be brought to justice

In his speech at the Parliament rostrum, after presenting the report on the bank fraud, MP Dumitru Alaiba,  member of the Commission of Inquiry, conveyed a message to the perpetrators of the billion theft to give up any hope of escaping, as they shall be brought to justice, IPN reports.

Dumitru Alaiba urged the opposition MPs, who left the meeting room during the presentation of the report, not to victimize themselves and not to complain of political attacks. "Tell us what is false in this report, what is inaccurate, did we say something different than what had happened, what is not a fact but falsehood. That's what we want to discuss,” said Dumitru Alaiba.

According to the MP, "a democratic country, which respects its citizens, tells the truth, and the current report tells the truth." "Five years ago, in our country, a huge theft was committed. The news spread all over the world. In just a few days our image outside the country, as well as the fragile confidence of the population in its own state were destroyed”, said Dumitru Alaiba.

According to the MP, the looting scheme was simple. "All, from top to bottom, from different institutions and from different levels of responsibility, have obeyed illegal, even criminal orders. No one spoke up, sound the alarm, or warn the public opinion. This is not how a state works, that's how organized crime works, "said Dumitru Alaiba, who drew a parallel with the theft of a billion dollars from the Central Bank of Iraq in 2003.

The MP mentioned that the billion theft subject was not closed upon the presentation of the report and would not be closed any time soon. "Investigating this crime is our sincerity test," stated Dumitru Alaiba, who also said that the presented report was meant to put pressure on the institutions in charge of investigating the billion theft so as to make them more responsible.

"The billion theft is just one of the schemes by which the poorest country in Europe has been looted. I address the perpetrators of the billion theft, who are now watching us live from exotic countries: Bring back the money. Give up hope of escaping, we will bring you home and hold you accountable before the law, "said Dumitru Alaiba.

The process of the banking system looting was a well and in advance prepared operation, coordinated with politicians and state officials. It is one of the conclusions of the report on the elucidation of all circumstances of the looting of the banking system and the investigation of the banking fraud, presented on October 17 at the plenary of the Parliament by MP Alexandru Slusari.


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