Dragoș Tudorache: EU is not interested in political orientation of candidate who will win presidential elections

The European Union expect that the presidential elections of November 1 in the Republic of Moldova will be free, fair and with free and equal access for all the political contenders. Also, the EU is not interested in the ideological or political orientation of the candidate who will win the presidential elections. It is a decision that will be taken by the Moldovan voters. At the same time, the pace at which the financial assistance will become accessible to Moldova depends not on the one who will win the presidency, but exclusively on the fulfillment of the conditionality elements and reform agenda, MEP Dragoș Tudorache, the European Parliament’s Rapporteur for the Republic of Moldova, stated in a news conference, being quoted by IPN.

The MEP noted that the misuse of administrative resources by the candidates in elections is a serious problem not only in Moldova, but everywhere in the world, including in some of the EU member states. “The utilization of the administrative resources in the interests of a particular candidate is against the law,” he said.

According to him, the campaign prior to the presidential elections is a test of democracy and of the
political commitment to the European values assumed by Moldova. In this connection, it does not go only to the way in which the administrative resources are used, but also to the free access to media channels, the public presentation of each of the candidates and legal and free access to campaign resources. “Those who are responsible for the organization of elections are also responsible for the correctness of the obtained results,” stated Dragoș Tudorache, voicing hope that the Government and President, as they are responsible for the organization of elections, realize that beyond the goal to win the elections, there is a bigger interest for the Republic of Moldova to remain on the path of democratic functioning of its institutions. Regrettably, the European Parliament didn’t send an election observation mission owing to COVID-19, but will base its position on the conclusions and observations of the OSCE and civil society.

The MP criticized the recent accusations made by the head of the Russian intelligence service Sergey Naryshkin and the chief of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, who accused the West of trying to become involved in the presidential elections in Moldova. He noted that Russia is the top player in the war of fake news and misinformation. As to the fact that new political forces appear on Moldova’s political arena, including anti-European ones, he said that this is another similar tendency and such parties, as a rule, are financed by Moscow.

In another development, Dragoș Tudorache noted that the kidnappings of Moldovan citizens by the Transnistrian regime remind that there is a frozen conflict there, an unsolved international law situation that should be solved under an international framework. Calmness and wisdom are needed in the discussions (if these are held) between Moldova and Tiraspol, but such actions should not be tolerated as they can destabilize the situation.

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