Doru Petruți: Political constructs deriving from vote against have persisted for over ten years

An unpleasant and useless element in the medium and long runs has persisted in society for over the years. This is the political constructs deriving from the vote against. According to him, this scourge is a mistaken exercise for any construct, but in fewer than ten years this became the motivation for approximately half of the voters, Doru Petruți, director general of the Sociological Research Company [imas], said in IPN’s public debate “About state of emergency in the country and at the Constitutional Court: motives, players, solutions”.

Doru Petruți noted that during the 20 years of activity of the company [imas] on the market in Moldova, they have noticed a very dangerous thing – the people who obtain responsible, important posts often work against the state and this thing is not punished and measures are not taken on time. “We are moving in a relatively vicious circle as the good people are “expensive”.”

According to Doru Petruți, the recent judgment by the Constitutional Court will be interpreted depending on the camps of voters, but it will amplify the feeling of political struggle between the two candidates from among whom the President was elected last year.

He noted that a recently presented poll shows very important data related to institutions, including the Constitutional Court. These data reveal that a large part of the citizens recognize the importance and necessity of the independence of the Constitutional Court, but many of the citizens consider that to achieve a goal, the CC decisions can be ignored. This is a very important and considerable signal, as is the signal concerning the management of the pandemic crisis. When over 80% of the citizens say the state institutions failed to handle the health crisis, it means the whole 30-year construct failed.

The current crisis has been badly managed, including at the level of communication. When the citizens have such an opinion, it is not surprising that 60-70% of the people do not respect the instituted sanitary restrictions. The people realized that they cannot bank on institutions and also on the political class, regardless of the color.

In such circumstances, no matter who takes over, the government will have the difficult task of restoring institutional trust not only at the level of the Parliament, presidential administration, Government. It is a general, profound institutional crisis.

The public debate “About state of emergency in the country and at the Constitutional Court: motives, players, solutions” is the 184th installment of IPN’s project “Developing political culture through public debates” that is implemented with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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