Dorin Cimil: All citizens from diaspora who went to vote could do it

All the citizens from the diaspora who went to vote at the 150 polling stations established outside the country could do it, while the measures instituted at the most popular polling places enabled to reduce queues and waiting time compared with the presidential elections of November 2020. Over 212,000 persons voted abroad, president of the Central Election Commission (CEC) Dorin Cimil stated in a press briefing, being quoted by IPN.

The Moldovans abroad voted most actively at the polling stations in Paris, London, Bologna, Parma, Northampton, Verona, Berlin, and Padova.

According to the preliminary results, the general voter turnout at the July 11 elections was 48.41% or 1.477 million voters. The voters aged between 18 and 25 represented 7.36% of those who cast ballots, those aged between 26 and 40 – 23.70%, those aged between 41 and 55 – 24.70%, those aged between 56 and 70 - 33.16%, while those older than 71 – 11.07%.

By this hour, there were processed 99.86% of the election reports compiled by the electoral bureaus of polling stations. CEC is waiting for three election reports from the polling places set up in Frankfurt am Main in Germany and Denver and Sacramento in the U.S.

The preliminary results of the election contenders are as follows:

1. Building Europe at Home Party “PACE” – 1.28%;
2. Common Action Civic Congress Party – 0.77%;
3. Electoral Bloc “Renato Usatîi – 4.1%”;
4. Political Party “Shor” – 5.75%;
5. Party of Action and Solidarity  - 52.72%;
6. Electoral Bloc of the Communists and the Socialists 27.24%;
7. Professional Movement “Speranţa – Nadejda” - 0.19%;
8. Democratic Party of Moldova – 1.81%;
9. Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” – 2.33%;
10. National Unity Party – 0.45%;
11. Party “Democracy at Home” – 1.45%;

12. Political Party “NOI” – 0.1%;
13. Party of Development and Unity of Moldova – 0.43%;
14. Political Party “Alliance for the Union of Romanians” – 0.49%;
15. Ecologist Green Party – 0.08%;
16. Party of Law and Justice – 0.1%;
17. People Power Party – 0.11%;

18. Party of Regions of Moldova – 0.09%;
19.“Moldova’s Patriots” Party – 0.06%;
20  Party of Change – 0.17%;
21. “New Historical Option” Party 0 0.01%;
22. Working People’s Party – 0.1%;

23. Veaceslav Valico (independent) – 0.17%.

Under the Election Code, the election threshold for a party or another sociopolitical organization is 5%, for an electoral bloc is 7%, while for an independent candidates is 2%.

According to Dorin Cimil, until 3pm today, the electoral bureaus of polling stations transmit the electoral documents and materials to district electoral councils and these have 48 hours to pass them on to CEC. The Central Election Commission until July 20 will submit the necessary set of documents to the Constitutional Court for the validation or invalidation of the elections within five days of the receipt of the documents from the CEC, which is by July 25.

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