Dorin Chitoracă: Better life for residents of Hâncești is possible only by coming closer to Romania

Dorin Chirtoacă said the people living in single-member constituency No. 38 Hâncești, as all citizens of the Republic of Moldova, deserve a better life. But a better life will be possible only by coming closer to Romania and, respectively, to the European Union. The announced goals can be achieved by the union of the pro-European and unionist forces,  the candidate of the UNION Electoral Bloc Dorin Chirtoacă said in the public debate “Stake of candidates vs. stake of voters” that involved candidates for MP in constituency No. 38 Hâncești, second round, and was staged by IPN News Agency.

“I really want the democratic summer for Moldova to start with these elections in Hâncești. I want a summer of renaissance, of union as we focus primarily on the union with Romania. We consider this is the solution as, regrettably, the European Union, does not offer us the prospect of joining it, if only the prospect of being its neighbors and associates, which means remaining with this border and this customs post. But we want more and deserve more and should have enjoyed more since 1989. But we lost these 30 years. From discussions with people, I realized that the number of those who want this border on the Prut to be removed has grown,” he said.
“We are for democracy and have always pleaded for this. However, as they say, one swallow doesn’t make a summer, as an MP of the 101 is just a swallow and nothing more. But what each of us can do by a positive, civilized and civil mobilization campaign is to bring summer after the frost to which Plahotniuc pushed us by force during the last several years.”

Dorin Chirtoacă said the stake of the people from constituency No. 38 is not to die and to revive their localities. The citizens want the villages of Hâncești district and all the villages to revive and the people to stop leaving the country and see that there is a future for their children here and the elderly people can live in better conditions the last part of their life here. To have such life, the people need infrastructure.

According to the candidate, several cardinal decisions should be taken to give hope to the people that the village and Moldova can revive. Moldova should orient to Romania and the EU and will this way get access to financing. In Hâncești, he will make efforts similar to those he made in the municipality of Chisinau during his ten-year tenure. The Romanian nation should be reunified. By the union, all the problems can be solved easier.

In another development, Dorin Chirtoacă said the consolidation of the unionist and pro-European forces is a necessity that is felt and sought by the people. “We had such consolidation in 2009, when we removed Voronin. We must restore that situation, but must do more now. We must now build a clean pro-European and unionist majority in Parliament,” he stated.

Dorin Chirtoacă noted that five unionist political forces united and founded the UNION Political Movement. The pro-European segment should also take a decision as there are more candidates on this segment. “If such a solution is not found for Hâncești, it should be found for the presidential elections as the people will vote either the unionists or the pro-Europeans. If the unionists and the pro-Europeans attract the undecided voters, we will have the chance to form that clean majority in Parliament, which could take us to Europe, to Romania, could bring investments and make the people hopeful,” he said.

The candidate also said that the current Parliament is a place for thieves, a product of Plahotniuc made by the rules of Plahotniuc and Dodon according to the mixed electoral system. The MPs should be removed from there and only then Moldova could revive, and Hâncești can initiate that revival.

The debate also involved the Liberal Democratic Party’s candidate  Anatolie Postolachi and independent Grigore Cobzac.
The first round of debates held on February 17 featured the Democratic Party’s candidate Ion Mereuță, the Shor Party’s candidate Vitalie Balinschi, and Vladimir Bolea, who represented the Action and Solidarity Party’s candidate Olesea Stamate. The candidate of the Party of Socialists Ștefan Gațcan was also invited to the debate, but he invoked emergency professional reasons that prevented him from coming.

The debate “Stake of candidates vs. stake of voters” that involved candidates for MP in constituency No. 38 Hâncești, second round, was the 126th installment of the series of debates “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the German foundation “Hanns Seidel”.

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