Dog shelter “AOVA” remains without veterinary assistance, carers seek help

The dog shelter “AOVA”, which houses about 500 animals, remained without veterinary assistance and its director Galina Cighir calls again on the municipal authorities to support the organization so as not to allow the animals to die. Some of the dogs are wounded and need medical care. In a news conference at IPN, she said the situation worsened after the owner of an apiary situated nearby changed and this is supported by municipal councilor Ruslan Verbitski, who spreads false information about the shelter.

“Effort is made to transfer us elsewhere. He is helped by municipal councilor Ruslan Verbitski, who offers him assistance not with the aim of transferring the shelter, but with the aim of creating inconveniences to us and of discrediting the Party of Socialists that during these years helped us to survive even if we are not in its custody,” stated Galina Cighir.

She denied the councilor’s assertions that the shelter never had water and electricity. They indeed remained without electrical power, but it happened only this year, after the beekeeper who wants the shelter to be moved filed a complained to the power supplier. The shelter copes with the costs incurred for the food intended for the animals. A part of the food is donated by people. They meet with difficulties in ensuring veterinary services. Even so, the animals are sterilized. “Keeping the animals’ life is our major task,” stated the woman.

Ivan Bectoraş, who works at the shelter, said that 222 dogs were brought to the shelter by residents of Chisinau, Straşeni, Criuleni during the past year alone. Some of the dogs are blind, while others are lame. There are dogs that were struck by cars and need medical care.

Roman Trahman, of the Dogs Capturing and Sterilization Center, said the PPPDA proposed that the shelter “AOVA” should be transferred to the Dogs Capturing and Sterilization Center. But the Center now lodges more than 900 dogs and there will be over 1,000 animals together with the dogs housed by “AOVA”. “We will be unable to deal with so many animals. We do not have financial resources and do not have enough workers,” explained Roman Trahman.

Eduard Volkov, of the organization “AOVA”, said the problem of animals with and without masters should no way be connected to politics. He called on the politicians not to intervene with traps, to act humanely and provide assistance.

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