Doctors: We cannot afford to administer three vaccine doses now

Epidemiologists sound the alarm about the modest vaccination rate among the population of the Republic of Moldova. According to specialists, the authorities set the goal of reaching a vaccination rate of 70% of the population by the end of this year, but the rate is now slightly over 20%. The figures are alarming amid a new pandemic wave caused by the Delta variant. Doctors of the National Public Health Agency said the discussions about the administration of the third vaccine dose in the Republic of Moldova are premature as the priority is to immunize the citizens with two doses, IPN reports.

According to official data, since the start of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, 20.6% of the population got one vaccine dose, while 18.6% got both of the doses. Doctors say they cannot understand why the Moldovans refuse to get vaccinated when millions of people have been vaccinated worldwide without experiencing adverse events.

“The vaccination rate is rather modest against the national immunization plan that stipulates a rather generous target of 70% of the population. The vaccination rate in the municipality of Chisinau is 30% of the citizens and this experience should be replicated nationwide. The young people are reluctant to get a vaccine. The fact that the number of serious infections among young people was lower than among older people is one of the explanations, but the people should realize that they must protect themselves and must prevent the spread of the virus in the community,” COVID-19 vaccination campaign coordinator Ninel Revenco stated in the talk show “Moldova live” on the public TV channel.

Doctors admit that the third pandemic wave hit Moldova and the infection rate will rise considerably in the immediate period owing to the low number of vaccinated persons and to the non-observance of the sanitary norms.

“We anticipate a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases. The number of cases will increase significantly at the end of September already, if we do not take the necessary measures among which vaccination is the most important one. We must administer at least two doses to all the people at present. We cannot afford to administer three vaccine doses now,” said epidemiologist Alexei Ceban, noting this will help reduce the number of infections and the spread of the virus.

According to official reports, the vaccination rate (both of the doses) in the municipality of Chisinau is now 28%, while in ATU Gagauzia is only 10% – 13%. In Moldova, vaccination against COVID-19 is free of charge and it is recommended by all the national and international medical institutions.

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