Doctors: In two weeks we will have an exponential rise in COVID-19 cases

Epidemiologists make gloomy forecasts. According to them, the small number of infections reported now is due to the fact that a low number of tests are being done. Representatives of the Ministry of Health anticipate that a significant rise in COVID-19 cases will be witnessed in the second half of May, IPN reports.

Even if only 126 new cases of COVID-19 were reported yesterday, with none of these being imported and with 23 of them being registered in the municipality of Chisinau, representatives of the Ministry of Health said the figures do not reflect the real situation.

“Most of the residents of Chisinau travelled to districts and the number of visits to the family doctor was very low. The number of done tests was very low too and the infection rate is thus small. But the incidence rate of COVID-19 in the Republic of Moldova in 14 days will have another dimension,” Daniela Demișcan, head of the Public Health Division of the Ministry of Health, stated in the talk show “Moldova Live” on the public TV channel.

According to specialists, the incubation period of SARS-COV-2 is of 14 days. Respectively, the consequences of the family reunions during the Easter holidays will push the statistics up in two weeks.

“In two weeks, we will witness an exponential rise in the number of cases of COVID-19. It was proven that any human concentration leads to an increase in the number of infected persons. This rise will be insufficiently influenced by vaccination. The number of immunized persons is yet too low and we cannot speak about collective immunity now,” said the deputy head of the Chisinau Health Division Boris Gîlca. 

Moldova is currently in a state of public health emergency. Restrictions are imposed by the local public health commissions depending on the number of infections in each territorial-administrative unit.

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