Doctors: If number of COVID-19 cases increases, quarantine will be introduced

Doctors warn that the intensive care units became full now that the number of COVID-19 cases increased drastically. According to them, the serious forms of infection are no longer typical of older persons and the young people and children are also susceptible to the new Delta variant. Epidemiologists say that if the number of cases remains high, while the vaccination rate is reduced, a partial or full quarantine can be introduced to prevent the health system from collapsing, IPN reports.

Doctors of intensive care units noted that owing to the new pandemic wave, the COVID-19 wards are packed and the health workers cope with the high number of patients with difficulty.

“Currently, a bed in an intensive care unit that is freed is occupied again in half an hour. A harsh reality is that the disease “grew younger”. Regrettably, the age is no longer a protection factor. There were patients aged between 30 and 40 who succumbed to this new variant that is very aggressive. The big problem is that the infected patients do not go to see a doctor on time and this is due to the lack of trust in the health system. Lives are saved when the persons go to the doctor on time. Many go late with serious lung diseases and rehabilitation lasts long,” Ion Cîvîrjîc, the head of the Intensive Care Unit of the Emergency Medicine Institute, stated in the program “Moldova Live” on the public TV channel Moldova 1.

According to epidemiologists, the Moldovans remain skeptical about immunization, but vaccination is the instrument for containing the spread of the virus and preventing infection. 

“If forecasts about 3,000 daily cases come true, the health system will be unable to cope and quarantine will be needed. Experience shows that the persons who got a vaccine obey the measures. Regrettably, 70% of the population does not obey the measures and does not want to get vaccinated. The children became part of this pandemic process and this is worrisome. The new Delta variant is much more contagious and virulent and affects anyone,” said epidemiologist Angela Paraschiv.

According to official data, the national coverage with a dose is 23.07%, while with two doses is 22%. The highest rate of vaccination, with two doses, was recorded in the municipality of Chisinau – 33%, while the lowest rates were reported in Leova, Sângerei and ATU Gagauzia – between 13% and 15%.

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