Dionis Cenuşa: At local elections, geopolitics will be dispersed into all kinds of projects

Geopolitics will also be present at local elections spread in the form of all kinds of projects with economic and social focus. The opinion belongs to the political scientist Dionis Cenușa and was expressed at the public debates on the subject "Characteristic features of the elections of October 20, 2019", organized by IPN and Radio Moldova.

"Geopolitics will be present in local elections, but not the way we see it at parliamentary or presidential elections, because the population is not interested in listening to geopolitical speeches, while facing daily problems that need to be urgently solved," said Dionis Cenusa.

The political scientist mentioned that the dispersal of geopolitics in social-economic projects is most obvious in the PSRM case and in the opportunities that the socialists create in connection with Russia. "The PSRM has the same concerns regarding Moldovan migrants issue, commercial relations, care for the economic agents in the territory, topics that allow them to transform a geopolitical message into something concrete," said Dionis Cenuşa.

In the context, the political scientist mentioned that, unlike the coalition colleagues, the PSRM is a more dynamic party, and this strengthens their relation with the voters. "The PSRM follows the policy of small steps, and the expansion of the number of voters has been a major objective. The bloc is now dealing with big politics. For reasons related to human resources, the small policy is not accessible to ACUM Bloc,” said the political scientist

According to Dionis Cenuşa, there are two obvious trends in Moldovan politics. "On the left we see a consolidation of the socialists and their expansion towards the center, and on the right we see more and more fragmentation and unrest," said Denis Cenuşă. The political scientist also mentions that there are people who want to distance themselves from the ACUM bloc and are trying to consolidate other elements on the right side of the political spectrum, such as the Unionist parties. "I am talking about the case of Octavian Țîcu, which shows that, when ACUM bloc does not realize the opportunities that have appeared, there are others who are trying to make use of the potential," said Dionis Cenuşa.

In Dionis Cenusa's opinion, the less populism there is in the discourse of politicians, the more interest people have in politics, while their political horizons broaden. "We need to have constructive criticism, we have to discuss the risk areas in public policies, so that citizens can acquire a taste for politics". According to the political scientist, the political culture is reflected in the legitimacy of the institutions from the citizen's perspective.

"The characteristic features of the elections of October 20, 2019" public debates constitute the 117th edition of "Development of political culture in public debates" cycle, held with the support of Hanns Seidel German Foundation.


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