Dinu Plîngău: EU wants Moldova to maintain stability

The European Political Community Summit held in Bulboaca was a clear message of encouragement of Moldova’s efforts aimed at joining the European Union. Nevertheless, even if the EU’s support and assistance are extremely important, we should not have illusions as a lot of things depend on how we take the offered chance, the chairman of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPDA) Dinu Plîngău said in a public debate hosted by IPN.

“There is unprecedented openness towards the Republic of Moldova, but we must realize that this great credit of trust was also offered due to the war in Ukraine. The political and geopolitical context has changed at global level. Therefore, particular decisions that are more tolerant towards such states as the Republic of Moldova are taken at global level, but these states have yet a lot of work to do to achieve the necessary living standards. No one wants an escalation here. The EU wants the Republic of Moldova to maintain its stability. It is important how we will make use of this openness and the financial support of the EU,” said the leader of the PPDA.

According to him, the lack of social cohesion is the biggest problem experienced by Moldova on its path to the EU. “The people wonder if pro-Russian parties or disguised parties financed by Putin cannot come to power against the background of these crises. Regrettably, the fear of war didn’t unite our society. This strategic objective of integration into the EU can also serve as a catalyst, but this objective should not be assumed by one political party only. It should be a broadly assumed objective,” stated Dinu Plîngău.

He noted that if Moldova wants to join the European family faster, all the parties should combine forces to achieve this desideratum. “To fulfill the conditions imposed by the EU, we need a lot of very good specialists who can be found in different parties, civil society, public institutions etc. For a reform to be successful, the people must trust it. A lot of work is to be done and we need a healthy approach,” said the politician.

Dinu Plîngău also said that the frozen Transnistrian conflict is another impediment on the path to the EU. “The Transnistrian region is an impediment, an anchor to which the Russian Federation tied us for keeping us under control. In time, there were not many preconditions for this problem to be solved. Now, in the context of this war, new opportunities appeared. It will be very hard for the Russian Federation to maintain this region when there is a Ukraine that is hostile towards this region and the regime controlled by Moscow and if there is also sufficient political will to resolve this dispute in Chisinau,” opined the chairman of the PPDA.

The public debate entitled “EPC Summit – opportunities opened for acceleration of negotiations with the EU” was staged within the framework of IPN’s project “Support for European Integration by stimulating discussion in the mass media about the European Political Community (EPC) Summit” that is supported by Soros Foundation Moldova.

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