Dinu Plângău: Scenario of absence of MPs from sittings for dissolving Parliament is irrelevant

The supposed scenario that the MPs will be absent from the parliamentary sittings so as to cause snap elections is irrelevant from legal and political viewpoints. “Under the Constitution, the non-adoption of laws by Parliament during a period of 90 days as a condition for dissolving Parliament does not take into account the vacation period. Respectively, the given period expires later than the obligation to put into practice the other scenarios concerning the formation or non-formation of the government. From political viewpoint, it is also irrelevant as Parliament consists of parties that in eventual snap elections will want to use the legislature’s rostrum to campaign. I don’t think the MPs will follow such a path,” PPPDA MP Dinu Plîngău said in IPN’s public debate “What parliamentary parties think about snap elections, if they anticipate them?”

According to him, the position of the PPPDA remained the same – in favor of snap parliamentary elections. Regarding the legal aspects of the inducing of snap elections, the MP said there is the Constitution that should be obeyed. Snap elections can be called if the legislative body and the presidential administration reach a compromise. “If the constitutional conditions are not respected by one of the intuitions, an institutional war will start. Representatives of the two institutions will go to the Constitutional Court and, evidently, the parliamentary elections will be put off for an indefinite period of time. The legislative elections should be organized reasonably, by communication,” stated Dinu Plângău.

He noted that no one at the moment can say for sure that the eventual snap elections will bring a better life and a majority that will think about the people. What is definite is that the parties in the current Parliament are in an open confrontation and cannot reach a consensus to deliver a government able to solve the essential problems faced by the people
. “If a consensus between the President and an eventual parliamentary majority is not achieved, the subsequent confrontation can lead to the suspension of the President. For the purpose, only 34 signatures of MPs are needed. The best solution for dissolving Parliament is for the President and the eventual parliamentary majority to agree the date and method of holding the elections, while the candidate for MP proposed by the President should not be voted by the majority and the door to these elections will be then opened constitutionally,” said the MP.

The public debate “What parliamentary parties think about snap elections, if they anticipate them?” is the 167th installment of the series “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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