Dereck J. Hogan about instability of Government: We need stability, but also reforms

The political instability in the Republic of Moldova does not help the population to cope with the economic and epidemiological problems faced in the country. Moreover, the certainty about the Government’s stability is a key element in ensuring decent living conditions for the people, U.S. Ambassador to Moldova Dereck J. Hogan was quoted by IPN as saying in the talk show “Black Box” on TV8 channel.

“I don’t think it would be right to speak about the possibility of the Government being removed. We will see. I maintain a constant dialogue with all the political parties so as to understand what can happen. We need stability and also need to promote the necessary reforms so as to overcome the crisis,” stated the U.S. official.

As to the instability of the Government, Dereck J. Hogan said wisdom plays an important role in solving this political problem.

Despite the political instability, the diplomat considers reforms can be done in Moldova by political will. “I saw there is political will and the adoption of the law on NGOs is an example of this. I saw that 95 MPs voted in favor of this law. I think this is a positive example of the possibility of reaching a compromise,” he stated.

As to the latest defections by MPs from one party to another, the ambassador said each MP has the right to make a choice between one party and another. It is yet important for corruption not to exist on the way.

“It is hard to understand what is going on. One the one hand, the MPs have the right to decide where to go, if they are not satisfied with a particular party, and can join another party. If this party switching is related to receiving of money, this is definitely not good as this is illegal. I hope the relevant authorities, including the Prosecutor General’s Office, will investigate these cases so as to see exactly what happens and to hold accountable all those who are involved in corruption,” noted Dereck J. Hogan.

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