Democratic fox and Socialist fox, IPN experts

The debates held within the talk show “Key issue” on NTV Moldova channel on July 11, 2018 highlighted a series of problems related to the suspension of the EU macro-financial assistance intended for Moldova. The main conclusion of the experts, who included one of the most respected economic experts, Socialist MP Vladimir Golovatiuc, is that: “The budget will not feel the absence of the EU macro-financial assistance, but it will be cynical to say that the country will not be affected and that the economy grows.

The conclusion of the Socialist economist Vladimir Golovatiuc emphasizes two aspects of the suspension of macro-financial assistance. The first aspect, concerning the fulfillment of this year’s budget, does not arouse his concern. But the second aspect, about the eventual impact of the deterioration of the relations between Moldova and the EU, aroused his concern and it’s clear why: the budget could have increased by 2 billion lei and this money is now needed in Moldova. “This money is needed for the social sphere, for infrastructure projects. We lag behind in preparing the production platforms.

MP Golovatiuc shows tactical abilities when he looks into the immediate future as parliamentary elections are to take place in December, where the Party of Socialists (PSRM) has the first, if not the only chance to obtain a simple majority and to come to power in Moldova. The last opinion polls confirm the dominant role played by the PSRM on the political arena of Moldova, while the elections in single-member constituencies in one round can only amplify the scale of the eventual electoral success. In such circumstances, the sheer fulfillment of the budget by the ruling Democratic Party (PDM) is insufficient for an eventual minimal comfort of the PSRM, which will probably need at least a small oxygen pillow after it takes over. The preparation of the production platforms with the macro-financial assistance would be essential.

The situation actually seems to become more difficult as the PDM has no limit in launching all kinds of projects simultaneously. Some of these are rather necessary, but very late, while others are pompous and populist. But the pre-electoral period is the period of electoral alms concerning the rise in salaries for different categories of functionaries and budge-funded employees. This process was and is triggered by the rulers for whom the keeping of power is more important than the possible post-electoral consequences. When MP Golovatiuc draws attention to the authorities’ nervous reaction to the EU’s announcement about the suspension of the first tranche of the macro-financial assistance, he cannot hide the as nervous reaction of the administration of the PSRM. There is enough evidence in this regard.

On the one hand, we saw that President Igor Dodon, as the informal leader of the Socialists, pledges to stir up the dispute with a negative impact on the macro-financial assistance between the declared pro-Europeans, the ruling Democrats and the anti-oligarchic pro-Europeans. On the other hand, President Dodon distinguished himself by long-term strategic thinking when he informed the participants in the Crans Montana Forum on June 29 this year about his efforts to work out a strategic reform plan so that when the subject of Moldova’s entry into the European Union is raised, the country is prepared from all viewpoints.

According to the Socialist MP, if the failure of nerve turns the Democrats into incurable cynics, what do the Socialists turn into? Doesn’t the behavior of the Socialists look like a windsock? They tell one thing about the annulment of the Association Agreement with the EU and the European integration to the people who are to vote for them and another thing to the foreign partners? It happens at a time when they do not stop accusing the development partners of double standards! In fact, it seems that we have two similarly nervous and cynical players on the political arena, who only differently interpret the role of the he-fox in the fable “The Fox and the Grapes”. The Democratic fox says he does not need European grapes as he has enough grapes of his own. At the same time, the Socialist fox says that even if he never aspired to obtain European grapes, he is not against tasting some.

IPN experts

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