DECLARATION Civil Society Organizations support the European path of Moldova and are launching the Civil Society Platform „Pro Europe”

We, the representatives of civil society of the Republic of Moldova, signatories of this declaration,

  • Starting from the importance of building a democratic society in the Republic of Moldova, based on  the rule of law, political pluralism, separation of powers, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, social equality, a functional and efficient market economy,
  • Ascertaining the continuity of all efforts in moving closer to Europe, in embracing and implementing European values and harmonizing with the European Union principles, norms, standards and policies,
  • Realizing the necessity of continuing the efforts to reintegrate the country, through identifying a viable political solution which would offer all citizens, including those from the left bank of the Nistru river the chance to prosperity, stability and respect for fundamental human rights,
  • Acknowledging the significant opportunities offered by the Association Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova and being confident that the relations between Moldova and the EU will deepen and will rapidly advance,

Are reasserting that the fundamental strategic objective of the Republic of Moldova must be European integration.

In this context, we request the immediate ratification of the Association Agreement by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova.

We call the Moldovan Government to make all necessary efforts for obtaining the statute of EU candidate country for accession as soon as possible.

The achievement of this goal is the confluence of all endeavors of political, social, economic and cultural forces representing the entire society of the Republic of Moldova.

We call the representatives of civil society to unite around a national idea, which is preparing Moldova for accession to the European Union.

In order to support this endeavor, the signatories of the present statement are launching the Civil Society Platform “Pro Europe”, which is open to all those who share the European values and ideals.

The “Pro Europe” Platform was created to consolidate the European integration choice and to boost the democratic development of the Moldovan society. The platform will contribute to the promotion of European values, to the understanding of economic, social, democratic and political benefits that brings the European integration.

The signatories of the present declaration will engage to support the efforts of state authorities, nongovernmental organizations and of any other actors of our society, aimed at achieving the European goal of our country. The platform’s members will closely monitor how the Government is implementing the commitments provided by the Association Agreement between the EU and the Republic of Moldova.

We consider that speeding-up the reforms is of primary importance in order to strengthen the rule of law, ensure law supremacy, fighting corruption, promoting political pluralism and free elections, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, enhance the individual and family safety, promoting a tolerant society and ensuring stability and a sustainable economic development.

We call the representatives of media institutions, civil society and public authorities to actively promote the European integration of Republic of Moldova and to inform all citizens regarding the benefits and challenges regarding the European course of our country.

Chisinau, June 30, 2014

The list of civil society representatives who signed the statement:

  1. The National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society forum
  2. The National Participatory Council
  3. The National Council of NGOs
  4. The National Council of Youth
  5. European Business Association
  6. Small Business Association
  7. Moldovan-German Economic Cooperation Association
  8. Amnesty International Moldova
  9. Information Center GENDERDOC-M
  10. The Association of Professional and Business Women (BPW-Moldova)
  11. International Association of River Keepers ”Eco-TIRAS”
  12.  “Eco-Răzeni” NGO
  13. ”BIOS” NGO
  14. ”Certitudine” NGO
  16. ”Terra-1530” NGO
  17. The Association for Cooperation and Communication “DIALOG”
  18. Foreign Policy Association
  19. Association of Independent Press
  20. “Promo-LEX” NGO
  21. BAA ”Moraru & Schidu Legal Associates”
  22. Resourse Center “Dialog-Pro”
  23. Center “Partnership for Development”
  24. Independent Analytical Center ”Expert-Grup”
  25. Center for Legal Assistance for Persons with Disabilities
  26. Women Law Center
  27. Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture “Memoria”
  28. Center of Legal Resources of Moldova (CRJM)
  29. Resource Center for Human Rights – CReDO
  30. Resource Center for Youth DACIA
  31. Day Center “Speranţa”
  32. International Center for Women Rights Protection and Promotion “La Strada”
  33. National Assistance Center for NGOs “CONTACT”
  34. “PAS” Center
  35. Center for Independent Journalism
  36. Center for Prevention of Human Trafficking
  37. Regional Center “CONTACT – Bălți”
  38. Regional Environmental Center “REC Moldova”
  39. Republican Center for Children and Youth "Gutta-Club"
  40. Women’s Political Club 50/50
  41. East Europe Foundation
  42. Institute for Public Policy
  43. Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) "Viitorul"
  44. Institute for Human Rights from Moldova
  45. Leonid Litra (M.A.), senior researcher at Institute for World Policy
  46. Ecological Movement of Moldova
  47. Partnership for Every Child
  48. Good Governance Program of Soros Foundation - Moldova
  49. The Society of Romanian Writers from Bessarabia
  50. Transparency International – Moldova

This list remains open for all those, who wish to sign the statement and join the “Pro Europe” Platform.

For additional details, please contact:

  1. Lilia Carasciuc, Transparency International Moldova -
  2. Sergiu Ostaf, Resource Center for Human Rights – CReDO -
  3. Sorin Mereacre, East Europe Foundation,
  4. Victor Chirila, Foreign Policy Association,

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