Decent living is possible with salary of minimum 10,000 lei, survey

For living decently in Moldova, the salary must be not lower than 10,000 lei, consider more than half of the respondents of a survey carried out by the Labor Institute of the National Confederation of Trade Unions of Moldova. The results of the poll were presented in a roundtable meeting on September 29, IPN reports.

The survey shows that about 90% of those polled aren’t satisfied with their salary. Asked what minimum salary they need to make a decent living, those surveyed said the pay should be at least 10,000 lei,” said the chairman of the Federation of Building Trade Unions Victor Talmaci.

According to the poll, almost 20% of the respondents said their current salary covers only 19% of their household-related costs, 54% said it covers 20-55% of the costs, while 24% - 50-80%.

“The salaries paid in Moldova are the lowest in Europe. The minimum salary in our country is 1,000 lei and this pay cannot cover the basic necessities. Now the minimum salary represents 57% of the minimum subsistence level,” stated Petru Chiriac, deputy chairman of the National Confederation of Trade Unions.

The trade unionists also spoke about illegal labor and illegal payment of salaries. “The competent bodies must deal with illegal labor. The employers and trade unions should also be interested in this as there is disloyal completion from economic viewpoint,” stated Victor Talmaci.

The survey reveals that 74% of those polled consider they cannot get a higher pay owing to the imperfect salary system.

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