David Hale: It is a historical moment for Moldova

Under Secretary for Political Affairs of the United State Department of State David Hale said the current moment is historical for the Republic of Moldova and for those who care about democracy and common values. According to him, this is one of the reasons for which he paid a short visit to Moldova: to listen to those who are in power and in the opposition in Moldova; to understand what’s going on; to state firm support for this process and to offer tangible assistance means, IPN reports.

“We secured US$ 1.5 billion in financial support for the Republic of Moldova and are very proud of this. There are many things to be done here and these should be based on the reform agenda. This is the basis that enables us to change things and we are committed to the cause. I would encourage the Moldovans to continue on this path and the U.S. and the others will be there to help them,” David Hale stated in an interview for TV8 channel.

According to him, Moldova is the country where the U.S. can enjoy a dedicated partnership, where it can cooperate efficiently to make sure that Moldova makes progress, that it undertakes a solid reform agenda, that it is heading towards the already existing prosperity that is anchored in Europe. “We would like to see all our partners in this part of the world enjoying independence, territorial sovereignty and internationally recognized borders, the possibility of deciding their fate themselves without any malignant form of influence and of living by the rule of law. These are indispensably necessary elements not only for the Republic of Moldova, but also for other regions, including Ukraine,” stated the U.S. official.

As to the situation in Moldova and Ukraine, David Hale said he would like to see the Russian Federation respecting and honoring its commitment to pull out the Russian army from Crimea so that Ukraine could live in peace within its internationally recognized borders. “For Moldova, the situation is the same. We consider it’s time for all the states of the region to mobilize and assist Prime Minister Sandu and the Cabinet in doing reforms,” he noted.

While in Moldova, the Under Secretary expressed his support for a democratic Moldova. He said a period of hard work will follow. He wants to see the Government implementing constructive reforms alongside civil society so that all the citizens benefit from economic growth and the European integration.

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