Daniel Ioniță: We follow attentively what Government does in justice sector

Romania’s Ambassador in Chisinau Daniel Ioniță said the neighboring state follows attentively any step taken by the Government of the Republic of Moldova in the justice sector. There are now different plans, proposals and suggestions that, instead of ensuring greater clarity in the justice sector, generate confusion for the representatives of Romania, foreign experts and the Moldovan citizens, IPN reports.

“For example, the Venice Commission was asked to pronounce on a bill concerning the functioning of the Superior Council of Magistracy, but this was passed through Parliament without waiting for the opinion of these experts. Such a gesture aroused a great deal of confusion,” Daniel Ioniță stated in the talk show “Shadow Cabinet” on Jurnal TV channel.

According to him, a justice sector reform implies a broad public consultation process, the incorporation of the opinions of relevant players from the system, including civil society, lawyers, professional associations, international partners and, what is the most important, requires political view in implementation. The key problem in the Republic of Moldova resides not in the adoption of good laws, but in their implementation.

“The moment we felt that something was indeed intended to be done was interrupted suddenly by the replacement of the Government of Maia Sandu. At that moment, we practically all entered the strategic expectancy zone, waiting for deeds. On the one hand, there are the commitments that the Republic of Moldova made to the European Union, as regards the Association Agreement and the DCFTA. On the other hand, there are the recommendations that came from experts in charge of these areas: the Venice Commission, GRECO, Moneyval and these recommendations should be implemented,” stated the Romanian diplomat.

Daniel Ioniță noted that the removal of Viorel Morari from the post of chief of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office generates serious questions as regards the real goals of such a gesture. “It seems to us that Mister Viorel Morari was removed when his inferior prosecutors came close to high-profile political cases. It seems to me that the way in which the investigation was conducted arouses controversy,” said the ambassador.

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