Current Government cannot be considered as one of the PSRM, opinions

President Igor Dodon does not act by himself when he announces different initiatives and there is the former president of the Democratic Party Vladimir Plahotniuc behind his decisions, said experts, MPs and political commentators. According to them, the projects that were recently announced by President Dodon are a follow-up to the projects initiated earlier by the Democratic Party. At the same time, members of the Party of Socialists do not form part of the Government led by Ion Chicu. This consists rather of functionaries who served during the government of the PDM or of people close to Igor Dodon. The issue was developed in the talk show “Expertise hour” on Jurnal TV channel, IPN reports.

MP of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” Alexandru Slusari said the current Government cannot be called one of the Socialists. It is rather of President Igor Dodon as it includes people not from the PSRM, but from the circle of people close to Dodon. “Currently, government is controlled by Igor Dodon and the Socialists also understood this. Now the Democrats also ask for a part of power. The Democrats started to ask that Igor Dodon should account for his acts. If Igor Dodon promotes representatives of the PDM to power, animosities with the PSRM will immediately appear as the Socialist activists in regions put such questions: why members of the PDM kept all the posts at local level; why they are protected, while the Socialist activists are not protected? This construction started to shake already,” stated the MP.

WatchDog expert Valeriu Pașa said President Igor Dodon borrowed voter bribing methods from the Democratic Party as these worked. “Dodon does nothing but restore the instruments for spreading public funds in the form of a legalized electoral bribe, as the Democratic Party did. If we look at the results of the elections of February 24, 2019, we see that the populism and the electoral bribe from public funds worked, as did the ordinary electoral bribe in the case of the Shor Party,” stated the expert, noting that Igor Dodon uses these methods as he does not have something else instead.

Political commentator Alexandru Petcov noted that the former Democratic leader Vladimir Plahotniuc, who fled Moldova last June, is behind Igor Dodon’s decisions. “This didn’t disappear. He remained the master of Dodon and of the Government and this can be realized by Dodon’s acts, by his decisions to restore projects. I understood that such a term as “restoration” appeared in the public sphere and this also points to the fact that Plahotniuc is only physically absent from Moldova,” he stated.

Political commentator Corneliu Ciurea said the former Democratic leader Vladimir Plahotniuc is in a difficult situation and he does not think that this has the possibility and political capacity to coordinate from behind the political life in Moldova and to control Igor Dodon. “I don’t think there are now ties between Plahotniuc and Dodon. But this does not mean that President Dodon cannot use instruments that were applied earlier and worked,” he noted.

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