Current and future doctors face to face with virus, debate

Doctors and medical personnel who work in institutions where there are wards intended for patients with COVID-19 said the most difficult moment was at the start of the pandemic, when there was the fear of infection and psychological pressure appeared this way. Now things gradually returned to normality, even if this is not the normality that existed before the pandemic, said participants in a public debate staged by Radio Moldova Tineret on the issue “Current and Future Doctors face to Face with Virus”, IPN reports.

Aliona Musteață, head of the Quality Insurance Section of the Cahul College of Medicine, said the pandemic took her and her colleague by surprise. The ICT courses for the college’s teachers that were taught in 2019 were a big advantage. When they switched over to online education, the teachers were already prepared and the change was easier for them. The college has a platform that all the teachers and students could access to study.

Cornel Ursu, anesthesiologist of the Emergency Medicine Institute, said the preparations to turn their institute into a strategic COVID-19 hospital started weeks before. Courses to teach the doctors how to work in equipment and how to remove it were taught also then. The idea that they should economize where it is possible existed from the start. That’s why the employees were attentive not to damage the protective suits. They have all the necessary equipment at present.

Dorina Cheibaș, of the Institute of Cardiology, noted there was psychological pressure at the beginning as they were afraid not to become infected. The fear gradually faded away as they realized that everything depends on the observance of the rules. The working conditions in summer are difficult as it is sometime unbearable to wear the protective suit. The medical equipment is not of the highest quality and can be insufficient in parts, but is supplied. The doctors and the patients need psychological assistance and specialists who would provide this assistance should work at the hospitals.

Igor Nofit works as a druggist and said that it was a period when the people in a panic bought everything from drugstores, starting with vitamin C. Now things calmed down and the drugstore is visited more by persons with chronic heart diseases, diabetes, by those with prescriptions for compensated medicines.

Dental surgeon Larisa Roșca noted the dental activity, except for emergency cases, was suspended for two months during the pandemic and the dentists didn’t work. In the period, if a patint asked for emergency assistance, they inquired about the person’s symptoms by phone and then invited this to the office. The dentists adjusted themselves to these changes.

According to Alexandru Holostenko, secretary of state at the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection, there is a shortage of medical staff at regional and global levels. About 3,700 healthcare workers are involved in the fight against the virus in Moldova. Of these, more than 3,000 have been infected with the novel coronavirus.

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