CUB demands that access to universities be allowed only based on special cards

Members of the Coalition for Unity and Wellbeing (CUB) consider that access to universities in the country should be limited for foreigners and be allowed only for students and staff of institutions. According to them, turnstiles must be placed at the entrances to universities, and access should be possible only with special cards issued by the institution. The proposals were formulated following reports that unknown men entered girls’ toilets, IPN reports.

“In the last few months, there were several cases when unknown individuals, who passed the student age a long time ago, were caught in girls’ toilets at various universities. I speak in plural because, after I launched the first public message, I received many messages and calls, being informed about similar cases that, unfortunately, take place in other universities, not only in the State University of Moldova,” CUB deputy chairman Ion Bulgac said at a press conference held in front of the Moldova State University. He noted that these cases were solved internally in order not to affect the image of the institutions, which in his opinion represents a cover-up. “How were they solved? The female students were asked not to go to the toilet alone?” he said.

According to him, this discussion is not about toilets, but about the security that must be ensured in educational institutions. “Security is not ensured. Today we are talking about perverts entering public educational institutions to visit toilets. Let’s imagine that an armed person will enter an educational institution tomorrow. It is very important to anticipate many serious things that could happen because everyone has access to the institution. At the same time, the educational institutions should not be turned into barracks with a guard at each toilet. What can we do? One - we demand a public discussion from civil society. Two – we seek a tough intervention from the administration of universities. Digitization is necessary. Student cards must be replaced with ID cards,” stated Ion Bulgac.

The CUB deputy chairman noted that access to all universities and even to all educational institutions, regardless of level, should be allowed only on the basis of special cards. “Such are the times we are living in. Today we must focus on security. This solution is so obvious. We can put a turnstile and allow access based on cards. I don't think it can be more obvious than that,” said Ion Bulgac.

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