COVID-9 situation can be kept under control by strict measures, doctors

Doctors say the pandemic situation in the Republic of Moldova can be kept under control by instituting strict measures. The concentration of the population in the Republic of Moldova is reduced and the COVID-19 crisis can be easier managed if harsher restrictions are imposed. The Delta variant is highly contagious and a person with COVID-19 can infect another several tens of persons in the absence of protection measures, IPN reports.

According to medical specialists, harsher measures should be taken in Moldova to prevent the spread of the virus, primarily in crowded areas. Even if they avoid pronouncing on the opportunity of imposing a lockdown, the specialists said the authorities should act harsher.

“In the Republic of Moldova, it is easy to manage the COVID-19 situation. First of all, the rural population is not dense. We do not have large industries and large factories. Among the most crowded places in our country are the Chisinau Central Market, the public transport and stores. Therefore, if very strict measures are taken on time, the situation can be kept under control,” doctor Anatol Ciubotaru stated in the talk show “Black Box” on TV8 channel.

According to doctors, the health system works to capacity and copes with the very large flow of patients with difficulty. The Delta variant causes serious forms of disease and many of the patients are placed under intensive therapy.

“All the hospitals in Chisinau have been in crisis for the second week. The first variant of the variant now looks as simple flu compared with the Delta variant. We then had 60% of the patients in intensive care. Now we have 10% of patients intubated, 40% on invasive ventilation and the rest with big chances of experiencing an aggravation. The gravity of the disease increased and we now have much more deaths. Of 52 patients we now have under intensive care in our hospital, 10% die,” said doctor Sergey Kobyletski.

Forty persons succumbed to COVID-19 in Moldova yesterday, October 21. According to the Ministry of Health, 173 patients are now under intensive care in a critical condition. The number of new cases and of deaths continues to go up, but the vaccination rate remains low. About 24% of Moldovans have completed the vaccination series so far.

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