COVID-19 pandemic caused huge volumes of medical waste, experts

The COVID-19 pandemic generated large amounts of wastes from health-care activities. Making reference to WHO data, specialists of the National Public Health Agency said that the amount of medical waste generated from COVID-19, following the use of personal protective equipment, since the outbreak is estimated to be 2.6 million tons/day worldwide. The vaccination against the novel coronavirus also generated significant quantities of hazardous waste.

In a news conference hosted by IPN, Vadim Rață, epidemiologist of the National P:ublic Health Agency, said that according to WHO data, about 80% of the waste produced by medical institutions, such as hospitals, health centers and dental clinics, before the pandemic was general, non-hazardous waste comparable to domestic waste, while 20% was hazardous waste.

According to the epidemiologist, the administration of vaccines generates a huge volume of waste.  Some 8 billion vaccine doses administered globally have produced an additional 144,000 tonnes of waste in the form of glass vials, syringes, needles and safety boxes. “Therefore, the costs associated with the management of the larger medical waste are much larger. The medical institutions face difficulties in managing this waste. Not all of them have own installations for neutralizing such waste and need to sign contracts with private companies,” explained Vadim Rață.

A study of the management of wastes from health-care activities in the Republic of Moldova will be presented in a national conference staged by “Nicolae Testemiţanu” State University of Medicine and Pharmacy in partnership with Soros Foundation Moldova.

Luminița Guțu, university lecturer, of the University’s Preventive Medicine Department, said such a study was necessary given the topicality of this problem. The COVID-19 generated very large amounts of waste, including medical one, which is a major challenge for the health system and the environment.

According to Luminița Guțu, said the goal of the study was to assess the waste management process so as to formulate recommendations for optimizing it and to reduce the risks to the population and the environment.

The national conference “Management of wastes from health-care activities” will be held at the Preventive Medicine Department on April 1.

Note: IPN News Agency gives the right of reply to persons who consider they were touched by the news items produced based on statements of the organizers of the given news conference, including by facilitating the organization of another news conference in similar conditions.

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