Council that will include farmers to be created under Ministry of Agriculture

A council that will include farmers from all branches of agriculture and from all regions of the country will be constituted under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Bolea, Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, announced at a press briefing, IPN reports.

The minister said that, unfortunately, agriculture over the past few years has been affected by a number of negative factors. First of all, it goes to the war provoked by Russia in Ukraine, which redesigned all logistical routes of export from the Republic of Moldova. Before the war, 75% of the grain exports went through Ukrainian ports. Now these were diverted to land routes that cause huge queues and increases in logistics costs. It also goes to the collapse of grain prices, higher input prices, higher fuel prices, etc.

“At Ministry level, agriculture is discussed on the dimension of value chains. In order to be efficient, we group the farmers together by value chains and the measures are targeted, economically based. As a result, everyone benefits,” said Vladimir Bolea. The official took stock of the actions taken in 2023 and 2024. He pointed out the support in the amount of 200 million lei, which was distributed to 2262 micro and small farmers who sowed crops in the autumn of 2022. He also mentioned the 50 million lei allocated for the farmers who were most affected by drought in 2023.

According to the minister, the producers of cereals intended for export are protesting today, especially those from the southern districts that were affected by drought and that gathered only 2 tonnes per hectare. “Preliminary data show that the largest number of affected farmers are from Cantemir and Cahul, who will receive 2,500 lei per hectare sown with corn – a crop that was affected enormously last summer,” stated Vasile Bolea.

He said that the problem repeats every year and, for these reasons, a complex approach, including scientific analysis, is needed to find solutions for profitable agriculture. “In the south, we have differences in rainfall compared to the center and north, but farmers continue to sow crops that for years do not yield. This leads us to the idea that the problem will remain even in autumn. Very clear recommendations are needed and will be given, as to which crops and for which areas are suitable. We see the same people who are constantly protesting. Things must be corrected together because the current activity doesn’t cover their costs and this is where the debts come from,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

According to him, farmers from different branches of agriculture and from all regions of the country will be invited to serve on the council that will be created under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry. The first meeting could take place as early as Friday and then the council will meet on a permanent basis.

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