Corneliu Furculiță: Ștefan Gațcan received € 500,000 for joining Pro Moldova

“Ștefan Gațcan was taken out of the country by force and will not be in the country during the next 3-4 days. The Party of Socialists planned to urgently pass the report on the acceptance of the resignation tendered by Mister Gațcan from the post of MP through the legal commission, at least until this evening, so that the vacancy of the seat of MP could be voted tomorrow or the day after tomorrow,” MP of the Pro Moldova Party Vladimir Cebotari stated in the talk show “Natalia Morari’s Politics” broadcast by TV8 channel in the evening of July 1.

The head of the Socialist parliamentary group Corneliu Furculiță said Ștefan Gațcan has the right to free movement. He neither rejected nor confirmed the assertions of Vladimir Cebotari. He noted that MP Ștefan Gațcan was offered € 500,000 for defecting from the PSRM to Pro Moldova.

Deputy Parliament Speaker Alexandru Slusari, vice president of the PPPDA, said he is astounded at what is going on. “I don’t know if I can express the gravity of what has happened. I don’t know if I can find a suitable word. The methods used today and what we saw went beyond any red line. Imagine that this can happen to me, to Missis Monica Babuc, to any MP or any person,” he stated.

Deputy Parliament Speaker Monica Babuc, of the Democratic Party, said the message published on the Facebook page of MP Ștefan Gațcan wasn’t written by him.

“Mister Gațcan announced his defection from the group yesterday or the day before yesterday by a posting that one can feel if this was written by himself or someone else. This was definitely written by someone else as when you listen to a person, you understand how he speaks. Those whom he intended to join probably took care of that text,” stated Monica Babuc.

The Democratic MP also said that she dissociates herself from the events and actions in which her Socialist colleagues from the government coalition became involved.

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