Corneliu Ciurea: Resignation by Eduard Harunjen is logical, but does not solve problems

The resignation tendered by Eduard Harunjen from the post of prosecutor general does not solve the problems of the Prosecutor General’s Office, but is logical given the events of the past few weeks, stated political commentator Corneliu Ciurea. According to him, the reformation of the prosecution service is a huge task for the current government, but time is needed for the purpose, IPN reports.

“What the current alliance could do rather swiftly is to remove the key figures from the top. However, as many representatives of civil society said, if you remove people from the top it does not mean that you changed the system. Here, the political will of the Bloc ACUM and of the Socialists is confronted by the system of prosecutors that is considered bad by some and just an ordinary system by others,” the commentator stated in the talk show “Emphasis on today” on TVR Moldova channel.

As to the bank fraud, ACUM MP Oazu Nantoi noted the PGO is not blamed for conducting an incorrect investigation. “It seems that the Prosecutor General’s Office protected the perpetrators of this crime, offering them time for hiding well the stolen money by profiting from the current realities related to offshore zones,” he said. According to Nantoi, what happened inside Moldova could have been easily investigated by the PGO, while what happened outside the country could have been traced with the assistance of specialized companies.

Economic expert Viorel Gârbu said pressure had been exerted on the state intuitions in the previous period, including on the PGO. Following the bank fraud, it is normal to presume that the previous political power was mainly ill-intentioned and handled different instruments to almost fully control the economy.