Cornel Ciurea: MPs’ long-term plans run counter to perception in public sphere

MPs Vasile Năstase and Violeta Ivanov said they presented and introduced into Parliament a number of bills that will improve the people’s life. Violeta Ivanov, of the Shor Party, said the party of which she forms part plans to promote a number of bills that were already drafted or are being devised. MP of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” Vasile Năstase said the same, IPN reports.

On the other side, political commentator Cornel Ciurea said the dissolution of the current legislature is being intensely discussed in the public sphere and this goes against the long-term plans of the two MPs.

“The Platform for Moldova and the parliamentary group of the Shor Party in the current session have an agenda with over 50 well-thought-out bills that take into account the needs and demands of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. The parliamentary Platform for Moldova has very good, competent specialists who cover all the areas. That’s why we will propose a set of bills aimed at solving the economic, social, agricultural problems,” Violeta Ivanov stated in the talk show “Red Button” on Moldova 1 channel.

She noted the group of which she forms party already introduced 50 bills into Parliament and is now working on a set of laws that will include 60 economic bills.

Even if Parliament hadn’t sat for over two months, PPPDA MP Vasile Năstase also said that they drafted a humbler of bills that were registered with the Parliament’s Secretariat.

One of the important bills provides that the citizens will no longer be obliged to pay for water losses sustained in the drinking water supply system. Another bill introduces a cap on the excessively high salaries of particular state functionaries.

Vasile Năstase noted the bills were devised a result of discussions with people held during the election campaign.

For his part, commentator Cornel Ciurea said MPs’ statements and plans run counter to the perceptions and discussions in the public sphere.

“It’s very nice that the parliamentary groups formulated social proposals, but the idea is that society considers the current Parliament will not work long. The people speak about snap elections and when the MPs of different groups have serious medium- and long-term plans, I’m a little surprised. Your plans to have these bills adopted do not coincide with the general impression that this Parliament is illegitimate,” stated the expert.

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