Cornel Ciurea: Fielding of candidate for PM by PSRM represents blackmail

The hurry in which the PSRM proposed Mariana Durleșteanu for the post of Prime Minister is an interesting element also because the Socialists proposed this candidate before the vote on the Gavrilița Government. The PSRM probably resorted to such a gesture so as to prevent Maia Sandu from nominating Natalia Gavrilițan for Prime Minister the second time, political analyst Cornel Ciurea stated in IPN’s public debate “First attempt to vote in Government: What was it?”.

According to the analyst, the fielding by the PSRM of a candidate can be regarded as blackmailing aimed at the other parties, especially those that want snap elections. “Want it or not, accept our candidate,” he explained.

In another development, Cornel Ciurea said the PPPDA and the PDM, when they announced that they do not intend to vote for the Gavrilița Government, somehow coordinated their actions with the PAS. The three parliamentary parties most probably cooperate. Therefore, the decision taken by these parties was inspired by the common understanding of the political situation. The Socialists, the Shor Party and Pro Moldova have another understanding that can be common or not. If at least 51 signatures in support of Mariana Durleșteanu are presented to Maia Sandu, it will be clear that these parties formed an alliance.

The analyst noted the Socialists need a break before acting in the way they acted today so as to transfer a part of the responsibility to the parties of the right that vehemently criticize the government, but that should show minimum capacity to assume responsibility. This is what the PSRM wanted to show to the whole society – that the right is not very efficient in undertaking governance and many things they say are fantastic. The Socialists partially achieved their goal to show that the right is defective.

According to Cornel Ciurea, the nomination of the Gavrilița Government was an embarrassing act required by the political situation and possibly of the uncoordinated game of the players that has unanticipated consequences.

The public debate “First attempt to vote in Government: What was it?” is the 171st installment of the project “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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