Contests “Jan Alojzy Matejko” and “Ignacy Jan Paderewski” at seventh edition

Dozens of young people took part in two cultural contests that were staged by the Embassy of Poland in Moldova the seventh consecutive year. Young people fond of plastic arts competed in the visual arts exhibition and contest “Jan Alojzy Matejko”, while those fond of music in the piano contest “Ignacy Paderewski”. A part of the works that took part in the visual arts contest were exhibited at the residence of Poland’s Ambassador in Chisinau Bartlomiej Zdaniuk, IPN reports.

“It is a very important thing for us to show once again that the relations between the two countries do not have only a political dimension or an economic dimension, they themselves being surely very important, and we daily contribute to strengthening these relations. But there is also another dimension – that of the soul, of contacts between people, between nations of different countries. For this connection to be as strong as possible, we need to somehow strengthen this interaction. The wish for beauty is the best core that unites us all,” said Poland’s Ambassador to Moldova Bartlomiej Zdaniuk.

The diplomat noted that the talented young people who took part in the contest, by their work and the work of their teachers, contribute to this beauty. “These two contests held under the aegis of our Embassy the seventh consecutive year are coming to an end. I thank you for your presence this evening, but I also thank you for the effort you make each day. I’m not an artist. I’m an expert in political sciences, but I realize well that one should work hard each day and night to become a good artist. I thank you for doing this, for not abandoning. I thank you for being ready to go on and to become internationally renowned artists,” said Bartlomiej Zdaniuk.

The initiator of the contests Gennady Topolnitschi, president of Zen-Club Moldova, said that these events are designed to promote young talents. The number of participants in these competitions differs each year. On its seventh edition, the piano contest involved about 30 children and young people, while the visual arts contest – more than 100 persons. The larger number of participants in the second contest is due to the fact that this is divided into sections – painting, graphics, decorative arts and sculpture. Each exhibition has also a catalogue that contains the awarded works.

Svetlana Bivol, director general of the National Philharmonic “Sergey Lunkevich”, said that the piano contest featured young people from the Transnistrian region and also from Romania and Ukraine. A condition of this contest is to sing the song of a Polish composer. “This way they supplement their repertoire with this wonderful music. This way they enrich their knowledge with different styles. The Embassy contributes a lot to the provision of the necessary notes, the scores. This way the Polish culture is considerably promoted in our country,” she noted.

The participants in the contest are students of arts schools, including of the Academy of Music, Theater and Plastic Arts, aged five to over 30. They compete in different sections and receive diplomas and awards. The young people say these contests are a very good opportunity to showcase their talent and to interact with other mates and the fact that the participation in this competitions will be part of their CVs is a reason for pride for them.

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