Consultations on formation of government should start swiftly, opinion

After the constitution of the new legislature and the parliamentary groups, the President should start consultations for identifying a candidate for Prime Minister, said constitutional law expert Alexandru Arseni. According to him, in times of a pandemic the government does not have much time for negotiations and a new Cabinet should be invested by the end of July. Even if they remained outside Parliament, the representatives of PPPDA said they are ready to lend a hand to PAS, IPN reports.

Under the decree signed by President Maia Sandu, the constitution sitting of the new Parliament will be held on July 26, starting at 10am. In accordance with the law, the sitting is called by the President and is chaired by the oldest MP.

“Until next Monday, the current Parliament is still valid. On Monday, the oldest MP will chair the sitting of Parliament and the president of the Constitutional Court will read the Court’s decision. From that moment, the mandates of the MPs of the former legislature stop and the transfer of power occurs. It would be normal for the new MPs on Monday to come already with the proceedings on the constitution of the groups so that the President the same day can open consultations with the parliamentary groups for designating a candidate for Prime Minister,” Alexandru Arseni stated in the talk show “Ghețu Asks” on TV8 channel.

For his part, political expert Viorel Cibotaru is skeptical that the Electoral Bloc of the Communists and the Socialists will remain united in the future Parliament and considers PSRM and PCRM will form two separate parliamentary groups.

“PSRM controlled the presidential administration, the Parliament and the Government and did nothing. What can it do now in the opposition except for staging circus and chaos? The PAS group had been active in this period of two years and the former PAS MPs gained experience. Furthermore, when the snap parliamentary elections were called, they started work on the government plan and many things were already arranged,” stated Viorel Cibotaru.

Even if the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” is no longer present in Parliament, its representatives are ready to help implement the changes announced by PAS.

“We can monitor the activity of the government and can even help. We are ready to lend a hand as we have the same ideal – to turn the Republic of Moldova into a prosperous country. There are 25 legislative proposals of PPPDA that were given a first reading, but weren’t adopted as Parliament was dissolved. I hope PAS will carry these,” said the ex-vice president of PPPDA Liviu Vovc.

As a result of the snap parliamentary elections of July 11, PAS gained 63 seats of MP, BeCS – 32 seats, while the Shor Party – 6 seats.

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