Constantin Oboroc will present incomplete subscription lists to CEC

The initiative group that collected signatures in support of Constantin Oboroc, who intended to run for the post of President of the Republic of Moldova, didn’t manage to collect the necessary number of signatures for this to be registered as a candidate in the November 1 presidential election. The incomplete subscription lists will be transmitted to the Central Election Commission on September 30.

In a news conference at IPN, Dina Diaconu, the head of the initiative group, said the group was constituted on September 6 and consisted of 47 members. “Some of the members got sick; others could not take part, while a part sabotaged our work. These took the lists and returned them without signatures in two weeks. We started to intensely collect signatures much later. Many of the parties had already collected the majority of signatures. When we went to people, they told us: We already signed. Why didn’t you come earlier,” explained Dina Diaconu.

She noted that in the process of collecting signatures during the three weeks, there were cases when those who collected signatures interpreted the signature collection regulations differently. “For us, as we were a group that didn’t take part in such activities before, it was rather hard to focus on the requirements of the regulations,” stated Dina Diaconu. “In our country, there are now few decent people - those who signed for Constantin Oboroc, for honesty, verticality and justice so that the thefts ultimately end.  The people are really poor.”

Constantin Oboroc noted that they made effort to collect signatures during a short period of time. “From my experience, I can say that such activities can be performed only when they are well prepared and organized beforehand. We sincerely believed that these 47 people who obtained permits will all become involved and will try to collect the signatures. Not even half of them went to collect signatures,” said Constantin Oboroc with regret.

The deadline for submitting the documents and subscription lists required for registering candidates for office of President of the Republic of Moldova is October 1.

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