Constantin Borosan: Metering must be ensured all over energy sector

The horizontal distribution system offers the possibility of metering thermal energy and each consumer pays as much as they consume, not according to the area of the dwelling, secretary of state of the Ministry of Energy Constantin Borosan stated in a public debate  hosted by IPN News Agency. According to the secretary of state, the horizontal heat distribution system offers the possibility of individual metering of heat consumption and the possibility of regulating the consumption of thermal energy.

The official noted that the horizontal distribution system offers the consumers a number of advantages, including independence from neighbors, minimum degree of environmental pollution and individual metering of energy consumption.

“We want to give more possibilities to the consumer. The consumer asked for direct contracting. That means the need to invest in horizontal distribution, individual thermal points, meter. It's like the market. We take tomatoes and cucumbers, put them on the scales and only then pay. This is exactly what we are proposing in the energy sector. Everything has to be measured. There must be metering. Metering offers the possibility of individual measurement of thermal energy, and this is the most important element,” stated Constantin Borosan.

According to the official, the horizontal heat distribution system also offers the possibility of permanent supply of hot water for consumption in the apartment. The horizontal distribution system excludes the possibility of pipe clogging and ensures thermal comfort for all the dwellers.

“When there is a horizontal distribution system, unlike the current vertical one, we also intervene in quality indicators. Today the heat supplier brings thermal energy up to the block. But what happens from the first floor to the last floor when the pipe is clogged? The temperature of heat decreases twice. We say that guaranteed heat must be at the door of every consumer. We believe that this is an element that provides protection to the consumer. The system we promote is the distribution of thermal energy horizontally. The pipes being new, made of material other than steel, do not clog. In addition, in the case of horizontal distribution, there is a meter. We will pay for how much we consumed. The problem of hot water is also solved. Today, in the 21st century, we have blocks without hot water. The horizontal distribution system offers the possibility of installing the individual heat point in the basement, which is practically an autonomous heating plant. But it doesn’t occupy space in the kitchen cupboard and is in the basement. There is no risk,” stated Constantin Borosan.

The draft law on the promotion of cogeneration and centralized heat supply systems proposes a series of changes of major interest for both household consumers and apartment building managers, real estate entrepreneurs and other economic agents.

These include the possibility for thermal energy units to invest in the reconstruction of internal systems and the provision of individual meters for each apartment to facilitate the implementation of horizontal distribution or of the own heat distribution method. Currently, the internal networks can only be modernized by the manager of the apartment building.

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