Consolidation of local offices is current preoccupation of PPPDA, Andrei Năstase

When the colleagues from the Action and Solidarity Party said the ACUM Bloc acted during the campaign prior to the parliamentary and local elections and stopped existing now, the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) took these statements and the statements of Maia Sandu into account. In a video interview given to IPN News Agency, the leader of the PPPDA Andrei Năstase said the party, being responsible, started to consolidate its local offices, its relationship with the diaspora and the citizens who have been latterly manipulated a lot and from all directions.

Asked if an alliance with the Democratic Party would have been an alternative to the government, Andrei Năstase said an alliance with the PDM five months ago was impossible and what changed meanwhile to make such an alliance possible. “It’s true that in politics, in Parliament, the people discuss, analyze particular activities. The Democratic Party had a huge chance to show that it is different and could have done this by not voting for the removal of the Sandu Government. On the other hand, I understand the frustrations of some of them as the Premier didn’t ask for support for particular things. Personally, I would have acted in a different way, but in an alliance, in a bloc, you have to abide by the decision of the majority,” stated the president of the PPPDA.

He noted the PDM had and will yet have the chance to show that it is no longer a clientele party that depends on doubtful financing and all kinds of hypotheses can be discussed later. Until then, presidential elections will take place in 2020.

The politician noted the people want things to go right and can no longer be cheated. The parties should have better communication with the people and tell them about the risks from the very beginning. It was also necessary to tell them about the risks of the removal of the Government named in June. This does not yet mean that a struggle for keeping the power should not exist.

The interview “PPPDA president Andrei Năstase’s view about the state of affairs in Moldovan society at the intersection of years” forms part of the series “Crossroads of years through the angle of the ideal of living well at home” that will involve President Igor Dodon and Prime Minister Ion Chicu and the leaders of the main parliamentary parties Pavel Filip and Maia Sandu.

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