Comprehensive information about single-member constituency No.38 available on

The Association for Participatory Democracy ADEPT, under the aegis of the Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections, posted content about single-member constituency No. 39 Hâncești, in connection with the new parliamentary elections that will take place there on March 15, on the portal

Analyzing the content on the portal in a news conference at IPN, ADEPT executive director Igor Boțan referred to the parties’ organizational potential. He said that this potential derives from the capacity of political parties to field candidates in municipal elections. “We consider the parties’ capacity to put forward candidates for mayor and to register lists of candidates for councilor is the most pertinent feature for assessing the capacity of political parties,” stated Igor Boțan.

According to him, 25 parties of the 46 took part in the local elections of October 20, 2019. Only nine parties had potential to register candidates for mayor and for local councilor in Hâncești district. Only three of these nine parties registered candidates in more than 90% of localities. These are the parliamentary parties PDM, PSRM and the ACUM Bloc. In half of the localities of constituency No. 38, candidates were registered by the Shor Party.

Other parties fielded fewer candidates: the PCRM, PNL, PL – in one constituency; the USB in two constituencies; the PLDM in five constituencies for councilor and in two constituencies for mayor. Igor Boțan encouraged the parties to take measures to increase their organizational potential as this is related to their financial potential given that the parties receive compensatory payments from the state.

According to the ADEP director, there are now six initiative groups and two candidates registered for the Hâncești parliamentary elections. He said he does not agree with the assertion that the voters will be more motivated to cast ballots if only these parties compete.

Igor Boțan noted that representatives of the Bloc ACUM, which has a relative majority, the PDM, PSRM, PLDM and the Shor Party serve currently on the Hâncești District Council. In the territorial-administrative units, there are the same parties with organizational potential. The PDM has the greatest administrative potential in Hâncești district. On, one can see data about the number of mayors on behalf of each party, the name of the mayor and the number of posts held by each party.

“The ACUM Bloc at political level won a relative majority in Hâncești district, but lags much behind the PDM in terms of organizational potential. The PDM had the capacity to promote the largest number of candidates to the posts of mayor and councilor.”

According to Igor Boțan, the ADEPT’s analysis of the organizational potential of parties will be useful to those who will want to take part in the presidential elections of this autumn.

The Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections encourages the citizens to follow the electoral competition so as to take part in elections and to volte consciously and in an informed way.

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