Compilation of electoral lists is a complex exercise for political parties

The electoral lists are compiled based on such criteria as professionalism and meritocracy, say representatives of political parties. The PAS and the Shor Party, which already filed the documents for registration as contenders to the CEC, noted their lists are representative and include professionals and upright people. The representatives of both of the parties expressed their conviction that they will obtain a majority of seats of MP. For their part, the representatives of the PPPDA said their list is not yet ready, but they will make it public soon, IPN reports.

The electoral list of the PAS caused controversy in the public sphere after it became known that this contains the name of Nata Albot. The representatives of the PAS said they are honored to have the journalist in their team.

“The compilation of electoral lists is a complex exercise for each party. On the one hand, we tried to ensure the representativeness of the local organizations. On the other hand, we made effort to include professionals from different areas. Nata Albot is known in the country and in the diaspora and I’m sure that she will bring value added to Parliament,” PAS MP Dan Perciun stated in the talk show “Ghețu Asks” on TV8 channel.

The representatives of the PPPDA said they didn’t hurry to file the documents to the CEC as they wanted to avoid being overshadowed by the other parties during the presentation of their electoral program and list.

“We anticipated there will be a multitude of candidates and didn’t hurry up. When more parties submit the documents the same day, it is harder to present the list of candidates. We continue to be invite representatives of civil society to our team. We will have powerful candidates on our list. All the PPPDA MPs will be present on it,” said MP Dinu Plîngău.

The Shor Party’s list is topped by Ilan Shor, who was convicted in the bank fraud cause by the common law court and is now wanted.

“The fact that Ilan Shor heads the list is out greatest pride. We are honored to have him on the list. No one is dissatisfied with the place they occupy on the list as our candidates are all professionals and they come to Parliament by being distributed by areas. We do not have doubts that we will get a majority in the future Parliament,” stated Shor Party MP Marina Tauber.

The CEC on May 14 received the files of six potential election runners. Under the Electoral Code, the CEC examines the files and takes a decision as to the registration of candidates within seven days of the receipt of documents. 

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