Colorectal cancer screening will become more accessible to patients in Moldova

The screening for colorectal cancer through iFOB testing can be done in the districts of Călărași, Bălți, Cahul at the Botanica Territorial Medical Association. The asymptomatic persons aged between 50 and 55 will collect the pilot test from the family doctor free of charge for doing it later at home, Corina Shcherbatyuk-Condur, doctor of the Oncological Institute, said in the launch of a campaign to promote colorectal cancer screening, IPN reports.

Corina Shcherbatyuk-Condur, project assistant, noted that the iFOB testing is a simple screening method for colorectal cancer. It was proven that colorectal cancer is most spread among persons of the 50-55 age bracket. The goal of the screening is to actively detect precancerous lesions in the healthy population so as to reduce colorectal cancer morbidity and mortality.

According to the doctor, 9,200 iFOB tests will be uniformly distributed in four pilot regions by this December. Live conferences will be staged to instruct both patients and doctors. “We, those from the medical system, should realize that medicine is not only treatment, but also prevention and we have the relevant instruments,” stated Corina Shcherbatyuk-Condur.

Doina-Maria Rotaru, deputy director general of the National Health Insurance Company, said that colorectal cancer is one of the most common lethal forms of cancer globally and in Moldova as well. To ensure the population’s access to colorectal screening services this year, a contest of projects for financing the campaign to inform the people about colorectal screening was held in February-March and the Oncological Institute became the winner. Over 600,000 lei was allocated for conducting this campaign.

Svetlana Nicolaescu, secretary of state of the Ministry of Health, said cancers are the leading causes of morbidity and death in Moldova. Colorectal cancer is one of the most frequent forms of cancer and the methods for the early detection of this cancer are already known. The programs of screening for colorectal cancer now are more accessible through much friendlier tests for persons.

The pilot project for iFOB testing is among the activities of the National Cancer Control Program for 2016-2025 whose general objective is to reduce cancer mortality by 7% until 2025.

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