Coalition for Unity and Wellbeing officially joins Political and Electoral Bloc

The Coalition for Unity and Wellbeing (CUB) officially joined the Political and Electoral Bloc that includes the parties PPDA (Dignity and Truth Platform), LOC (League of Cities and Communes) and the Party of Change. The event took place on Sunday during a joint meeting of the Political Bureaus of the four parties, IPN reports.

According to a press release, the constituent parties have thus decided “to strengthen the foundations of a democratic, competent and responsible alternative, at a time when citizens need safety, wellbeing and hope. The unity of the pro-European and democratic forces is essential for justice, welfare, equity and the common good to triumph in the Republic of Moldova. By uniting the pro-European forces, we respond to the citizens’ call for unity, professionalism and responsibility.”

“We, those who opted for this coalition, are aware of our obligation to the give citizens a government capable of governing competently, honestly and professionally, under the rule of law, through transparent policies and low taxation. We are together to put the welfare of the population and the future of the citizens on the first place on the political agenda of the Republic of Moldova. By joining this political and electoral bloc, we want to contribute to strengthening democratic and pluralistic institutions that ensure citizens’ wellbeing and stability,” said CUB chairman Igor Munteanu.

In his turn, PPPDA chairman Dinu Plângău argued that the Bloc of the four European parties is an open, democratic and transparent political construct. On its platform, the bloc will support the dynamic development of the private initiative, the elimination of barriers to free competition, and the EU accession project will be adapted to the concrete expectations of the population and will be aimed at supporting the entrepreneurial class, lifting the village out of poverty and the sustainable economic development as a central factor of stability and social cohesion of all citizens.

Ștefan Gligor, chairman of the Party of Change, supported the need for a genuine reform of the justice sector and the criminal prosecution bodies. “Only a reformed judiciary will be able to ensure that organized crime is held accountable, will make it impossible to corrupt voters, to sabotage elections and democratic processes. It is unacceptable to tolerate corruption and bureaucracy that drive small and medium-sized entrepreneurs out of the country – we must stop the exodus of capital and citizens, protect the interests of the business environment by introducing a moratorium on state control and stop applying any fines and sanctions. The state must stimulate entrepreneurship and not repress it,” stated Ștefan Gligor.

LOC co-chairman Alexandru Bujoreanu said that “it is time to be the guarantee of the ordinary person against imposture, profiteers, adventurers. We must ensure just justice and protection for citizens in a free market economy, where work is respected and injustice is punished, where no one can be above the law, and politicians are accountable for what they do or do not do.”

The Dignity and Truth Platform, the League of Cities and Communes and the Party of Change announced the formation of the Political and Electoral Bloc for the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections at the end of January. They also announced their intention to identify a common candidate whom they will support in this year’s election.

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