CNSM will challenge commission’s report on property of trade unions in court

The administration of the National Trade Union Confederation (CNSM) does not agree with the conclusions of the commission of inquiry into the sale of the assets of trade unions and will challenge the report in court if its conclusion and recommendations are not modified. It is an attempt by the state to appropriate the property of trade unions, CNSM chairman Oleg Budza stated in a press briefing. He noted that the trade unions sold their assets to firms that offered the highest price and Ilan Shor didn’t attend the negotiations, IPN reports.

Oleg Budza said there is a draft Parliament decision providing that the Government of the Republic of Moldova, after it examines the commission of inquiry’s report, will consider ways of recovering the trade union property by incorporating this into the public property. This attempt to take over the assets of trade unions is illegal and the CNSM will put up resistance by all legal ways. During 15-20 years, they invested over 170 million lei in sanatoriums, children’s camps, the Labor Institute. The state didn’t invest anything in these.

Oleg Budza also said that he is not responsible for what happened to the trade unions’ property until 2009, when he was named head of the CNSM. “I do not want the situation in Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, where the possessions of trade unions became state property, to repeat in our country.”

CNSM vice chair Petru Chiriac noted it is not for the first time that attempts are made to transfer the trade unions’ assets under state ownership. Such actions were witnessed earlier too, being promoted by the Christian-Democratic People’s Party.

According to a report presented by the commission of inquiry into the sale of trade unions’ assets, Ilan Shor was the largest beneficiary of the sold real estate that belonged to the National Trade Union Confederation. Lilian Carp, a member of the commission, said a company owned by Vlad Plahotniuc emerges only occasionally. “We have property belonging to trade unions that was used as garages, to take money out of Banca Socială, and we should also determine the connection with the money obtained from Banca de Economii within the bank fraud. The property of trade unions was also used in the process of taking liquidity out of the banks that went bankrupt,” stated Lilian Carp. The commission hired an economic expert who calculated the damage caused to the trade unions when their possessions were sold. The estimated value of only 32 real estate transactions of the 48 facilities located outside the county is of about 1 billion lei.

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