Climenco wants to become mayor and promises to learn official language

The leader of the sociopolitical movement “Ravnopravie” Valery Climenco, in a news conference on April 13, announced that he will run for mayor of Chisinau, Info-Prim Neo reports. “Give me 26 seats of councilor in Chisinau and I will do away with the mess. I promise to learn the official language in half a year if I become mayor,” said the Chisinau councilor. According to Valery Climenco, if he is elected as mayor he will take steps to decrease the prices and tariffs in Chisinau, to diminish the unemployment rate, to repair the roads and to build a water pipe that will enable to reduce the water charges by 30%. “During 12 years of work as a councilor, I managed to know all problems encountered by the residents of Chisinau. There is no other better candidate than me. The mayor must be an experienced, not young person. Dorin Chirtoaca starts to deal with a problem, abandons it and addresses another one. Though my and former mayor Serafim Urecheanu’s views were different, I can say he was the only mayor that did a good job,” said Valery Climenco. The sociopolitical movement “Ravnopravie” decided to take part in the June 5 local elections. Its members say they will no more support the Communist Party, as in the previous election campaigns, as this party disappointed them. According to them, while the Communists governed the country the unemployment rate among Russian-speakers increased, while the Moldovan language became Romanian. In Comrat town, “Ravnopravie” will support current mayor Nicolae Dudoglo for the mayoralty. In the local elections of 2007, the movement ran in the elections as part of the electoral bloc “Patria-Rodina — Ravnopravie”, polling 3.29% of the vote for councilors in Chisinau. The party thus obtained one seat in the Chisinau Municipal Council. It was taken by Valery Climenco.

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