Clarification about days off for persons who get vaccinated

The person who gets a vaccine against COVID-19 can take two days off – the day the vaccine is administered and the next day. Two days off are provided for each of the administered vaccine doses, IPN reports.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection said that as vaccination in the Republic of Moldova is not mandatory in character, the days off are offered at the request of the salary earner, who files an application at the workplace and then presents the vaccination certificate.

The salary paid by the employer to the employee for the given days off is covered with state budget funds that are transferred directly to the employer, who makes a request to this effect by filing out a form available on, which was designed and approved by the State Tax Service.

If the salary earner got vaccinated during the annual leave, unpaid leave, medical leave or studies, given the goal pursued by offering days off for vaccination, this cannot ask for more days off.

If the vaccination day or the next day is a holiday or nonworking day, the employer is obliged to offer the vaccinated employee a paid day off the next working day after the holiday or nonworking day.

The salary earner cannot ask to add these days to the annual leave or to another period.

The authorities said the goal of providing days off for vaccination is to minimize or avoid adverse events following immunization that are usually experienced on the vaccination day or the next day.

According to the Ministry, the subsidy transferred to employers for two days off provided to employees for vaccination cannot exceed 450 lei a day. If the salary of the employee is higher than 450 lei a day, the employer can pay the average salary of the person calculated in the way agreed by the Government, for a working day, but the state will pay only 450 lei. The average salary a day paid for vaccination days is taxable income that is declared in accordance with the legislation (form IPC 21) for the month it was paid.

The 450 lei paid from the state budget is not declared again as taxable income after it is declared for the month it was paid.

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