Civil society seeks transparency in forming new government coalition

A number of civil society organizations signed a public call by which they ask for maximum transparency in the process of negotiating the formation of the new government coalition and that civil society should be consulted when naming the Prime Minister and the members of the Cabinet, IPN reports.

The call addressed to the Government, Parliament, President, the Liberal Democratic Party, the Democratic Party, the Liberal Party, the Party of Communists and the unaffiliated MPs says that in the current conditions of unprecedented crisis, caused by the succession of six governments since 2009, civil society formulated a number of requests. Thus, besides maximum transparency, it demands that at least three candidates should be nominated for the key state posts such as that of Prime Minister, in accordance with the democratic practices and by observing the human rights.

The civil society organizations ask to name a person with professional integrity, with substantial confidence enjoyed in society and with proven competency in the areas of European integration and reformation as Prime Minister. The integrity and competence of the ministers should be confirmed beforehand by the Security and Intelligence Service. The agreement on the formation of the future alliance should not include the false principle of collegiality of members and this should be substituted by the principle of legality and rule of law.

The SCOs demand that the law enforcement bodies should be depoliticized and optimized, that selective justice should be removed and that the principles of legality and impartiality should be enforced, that the state institutions and regulatory agencies should not be distributed based on party criteria and spheres of interest and that the National Anticorruption Center and the National Integrity Commission should not be merged as the latter has inspection duties that necessitate independence.

The civil society also wants the initiated reforms to be implemented, in particular in the justice and anticorruption sectors; the national legislation to be adjusted to the Community acquis in terms of money laundering, transparency, monitoring and financial reporting, based on clearly defined indicators; transparent, correct and equitable contests to be held to select candidates for the post of governor of the National Bank of Moldova.

The civil society organizations also ask the foreign partners and national authorities to identify a clear and transparent financial reporting mechanism that would be monthly used by all the public institutions managing public money.

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