Chisinau tends to be among top ten most visited capital cities in Europe

In 2026, after the tourism development strategy “Chisinau – tourist capital 2022-2026” would have been implemented, Moldova’s capital city will tend to become one of the top ten most visited capitals in Europe, Irina Popa, senior specialist General Economy, Trade and Tourism Division of the Chisinau Municipal Council, stated in IPN’s debate “Tourism development strategy “Chisinau – tourist capital 2022-2026”. Analysis of documents, objectives and expected results”.

In 2020, over 6,000 tourists stayed longer than 24 hours in Chisinau, according to the data collected from the hotels of Chisinau. “When the Tourism Agency existed as a state body, all the tour operators were obliged to annually present a report and data about the number of tourists who came to the capital city from other countries. At the moment, given particular circumstances, such data are not furnished. The Tourism Agency hasn’t worked for four months,” stated Irina Popa. That’s why they use data collected from hotels.

The worked out strategy places emphasis on the incoming tourism as it is important that the wave of tourists should come to the city. The tourist trolleybus is a tourist project launched last August. In the course of the year, one more trolleybus was connected to this project and is used for special routes. Initially, Romanian and Russian language guides worked on the trolleybus. There were no English language guides. Over 10,000 excursionists travelled by it so far. The second trolleybus is intended for delegations, for invitees and is often rented for special routes, stated Irina Popa.

She noted that on holidays, there were organized special routes, such as the tour for children with Santa Claus. A number of 72 excursions of the kind have been held by now. A special route of the trolleybus is designed for famous couples and doctors of Chisinau. It was hard to organize those trips as there is not enough information on the issue. Also, not every guide can present the information professionally and the guides are therefore thoroughly chosen.

Irina Popa also said the strategy provides that the tourist zone of Chisinau that is situated downtown will be extended to cover all the five districts of the city. One of the goals is for the whole Chisinau to become a tourist city, not only its central part that concentrates most of the museums and sights.

The suburban settlements of Chisinau have rather undeveloped infrastructure to ensure connection with important tourist attractions in the city. “Practically, from Chisinau it is easier to reach the cellars of Cricova. But there are also the wineries Bardar and Mileștii Mici not far. In fact, there are many places of interest for tourists in the suburbs and this moment is addressed by the strategy,” stated Irina Popa.  

Over 50 persons worked on the tourism development strategy “Chisinau – tourist capital 2022-2026. The document contains 150 pages.

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