Chisinau councilors say why Ruslan Codreanu was dismissed

Three members of the Chisinau Municipal Council (CMC), Dinari Cojocaru, Igor Călin and Vasilii Chirtoca, explained why they voted for the dismissal of Ruslan Codreanu as acting mayor of the capital city. According to them, the former acting mayor dealt mainly with populist projects popular with the public based on which he could gain political advantages, IPN reports.

Head of the Socialist group on the CMC Dinari Cojocaru said an acting mayor from legal viewpoint cannot hold this post for over six months. From financial viewpoint, there were many projects that exceeded the agreed budget for several times. Even if the CMC adopted a number of decisions, these weren’t implemented by the former acting mayor. “Moreover, the municipal divisions and services that were under the patronage of Mister Codreanu often worked against the Municipal Council,” the councilor stated in the program “Direct access” on NTV Moldova channel.

Igor Călin, a member of the Electoral Bloc “European People’s Platform”, said it wouldn’t be right to blame the former acting mayor for all the failures witnessed in the municipality of Chisinau. As to the decision to dismiss Ruslan Codreanu, he noted the move has two aspects – political and legal. “We expressed our political vote of no confidence for all the departures, for the lack of communication, for the inefficient spending of public funds. As to the legal aspect, if Ruslan Codreanu hadn’t tendered his resignation voluntarily, we would have taken steps to ascertain the nullity of the order by which he appointed himself acting mayor,” stated Igor Călin.

Unaffiliated councilor Vasilii Chirtoca said Ruslan Codreanu didn’t have a comprehensive view on the development of the municipality. The former acting mayor failed to delimit the green borders, to design a sports complex and an aqua park and do other planned things. “Mister Codreanu focused on the projects he understood and refused to implement those that he didn’t understand,” noted the councilor.

On July 4, Ruslan Codreanu was dismissed as deputy mayor and acting mayor general of Chisinau municipality by 36 votes of the 51 municipal councilors.