Chiril Moţpan: There is evidence that Vladimir Plahotniuc has a double identity in Moldova

The chairman of the parliamentary committee on national security, defense and public order, Chiril Moţpan, claims that the former leader of the Democratic Party, Vladimir Plahotniuc, has a double identity in the Republic of Moldova. He alleges that the former Democratic leader has documents with his image, but with other last name, first name, date of birth, residence. According to Chiril Moţpan, the document was obtained when the director of the Public Services Agency was Sergei Răilean, who is said to be the godson of the current chairman of the PDM, Pavel Filip, IPN reports.

"Today, after several attempts, I received the information that there is such a passport with the picture of Mr. Plahotniuc, but with another name. Unfortunately, I cannot say more, but it has been confirmed. Plahotniuc holds a new passport, with a new identity in the Republic of Moldova. Another name, another date of birth - 1965, another legal address here in Chisinau”, declared Chiril Moţpan on "Shadow Cabinet" program, on Jurnal TV.

Chiril Moţpan says that Plahotniuc's new name resembles that of a socialist activist, only that the family name ends with the letter "k". " Under absolute secrecy conditions, it was possible to issue some documents on the basis of a birth certificate, that was also issued in 2017. (...) It is surprising that some people in the service of the state, in a state institution, went for this forgery. All these materials will be forwarded to prosecutors," the PPDA MP announced.

According to the chairman of the Parliamentary Security Commission, the Democrat Sergei Iaralov has also two Moldovan identities.

In addition, the MP says that he found out how Vladimir Plahotniuc, Sergei Iaralov and Ilan Șor had left the country in June. According to him, Plahotniuc crossed the border with Ukraine, and Ilan Șor, who left through the Transnistrian region and Ukraine, did not even show his passport at the border crossing point: "That’s how it is when you have a lot of money ...", he mentioned.

The MP maintains that there is information indicating that Vladimir Plahotniuc left the country in June, because he was facing a real danger to his life and security. "There is information that there was danger to his life, he was to be liquidated by some foreign structures, reportedly some mercenaries from the so-called Wagner detachment that is currently active in Syria,” stressed Chiril Moţpan.

Moreover, the deputy claims to have found interesting information about the extradition of businessman, former MP Veaceslav Platon, who was convicted on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. "Plahotniuc had a discussion with the then President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, and it was proposed to extradite the businessman and former MP Veaceslav Platon to Moldova for the amount of three million euros. After that, a plane from Kiev landed in Chisinau with two people from the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine), who met Constantin Botnari, counted the money and together with "Borsetka" (Constantin Botnari) and four other armed people, former employees of "Fulger" brigade, left for Kiev. In an hour, on the same plane, they brought Platon to Chisinau,” said the politician.

According to him, Veaceslav Platon had learned about what was going to happen half an hour before he was arrested and he went to the bank to pick up compromising documents on the "Russian laundromat" from the safety deposit box, but he was detained with this package that later ended up in Plahotniuc's hands.

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