Change of Government scenario was convenient for all parties in Parliament, opinions

The scenario that has taken place in the last days, related to the dismissal of the Government led by Maia Sandu and the investiture of the new executive led by Ion Chicu, was convenient for all the political forces that are currently part of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova. The difference is that three of the parliamentary groups, of the ACUM bloc, the PDM and the "Șor" Party, will watch closely, while the other one, that of the Socialists, will have to work. These opinions were expressed on "Glavnîi vopros" (Main Question) program, NTV Moldova, IPN reports.

Journalist Valerii Demidețkii claims that the Socialists have understood that it was naive to tell the citizens about the poor performance of Maia Sandu Government when they were not part of that cabinet of ministers. Also, Maia Sandu realized, in his opinion, that the Government was collapsing because in the executive people have to work, and not to learn how to do things. "The results of the local elections constituted a turning point and everyone took his/her own decision: Maia Sandu made a direct attack, leaving for a very comfortable position in politics, the start of presidential elections. By this action she obtained three benefits at once: she got rid of the responsibility for the Government, occupied a comfortable niche in opposition, criticizing the power, and eliminated Andrei Nastase, who lost the elections in Chisinau. Now she is the main favourite of the right wing political spectrum and she can start her election campaign”, pointed out the journalist.

In his opinion, the president should use this situation to his advantage. It was also clear that the Democrats would vote for any such initiative, whereas for "Sor Party" it was convenient to abstain from voting and not to get involved in this game.

Adviser to the president for interethnic relations, Sergei Mișin, is of the same opinion that all the political forces had to gain from the change of the Government. "All the political forces are comfortable with the changes of the last days. The only thing is that three groups in the Parliament will watch what will happen next, and the largest group (the Socialists) will have to roll up their sleeves and work because people are expecting results," stressed Sergei Mişin.

Sociologist Ian Lisnevschi believes that the ACUM bloc is now seeking ways to go into opposition. According to him, the first attempt was to appoint two judges to the Constitutional Court, but at that time the citizens criticized them and they failed to retreat. Subsequently, they pursued the scenario of appointing the Prosecutor General. "If the Socialists had allowed them to choose the prosecutor, they would have found other solutions, but the ACUM bloc had to retreat into opposition before winter, to protests which are convenient for them. This is more convenient for Maia Sandu, than for her team. She had to maintain her rating,” said Ian Lisnevschi.

The government led by Maia Sandu was dismissed on November 12, with the vote of 63 Socialist and Democrat MPs because it brought in Parliament the initiative of assuming responsibility for amending the Law on the Prosecutor's Office, which involved the submission by the prime minister of a short list of candidates for Prosecutor General position. Two days later, on November 14, the Parliament gave a confidence vote to the cabinet of ministers headed by Ion Chicu and to his program of activity. The new government was supported by the vote of 62 MPs from the Socialist Party and the Democratic Party groups.

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