CEC secretary: Voting with passport will also be permitted

Concerts or cultural events are banned during the election campaign that starts 30 days before election day. This is provided in the new Electoral Code that came into force on January 1, 2023. Also, the youngest age of candidates for mayor was reduced from 25 to 23 and the number of signatures needed for registering independent candidates as contenders was also decreased, IPN reports.

Secretary of the Central Election Commission Alexandru Berlinski said the local general elections of this year will be held according to a number of new rules that took effect after the new Electoral Code was adopted. This way, voting with the passport will be permitted in this autumn’s elections. The sum of donations in cash intended for election contenders was reduced.

“In polling stations on the country’s territory, the electors can vote not only with the identity card, but also with the passport. The loose leaf accompanying the identity card will not need to be presented as the stamp showing the election date will no longer be applied. The donations for election contenders were decreased from three official average salaries to one average salary and a larger amount in cash cannot be transferred. But donations can be also made by bank transfers, in a transparent way, in the amount of minimum six average official salaries. During the election campaign, which lasts for 30 days before election day, the electoral candidate cannot stage concerts or other cultural events. It is not banned having meetings with voters. But electoral concerts cannot be held,” Alexandru Berlinski stated in the program “Public Space” on Radio Moldova station.

Promo-Lex expert Nicolae Panfil said the current Electoral Code contains provisions that encourage the young people to compete in elections and that facilitate the registration of independent candidates as contenders.

“The youngest age of candidates competing for the post of mayor was reduced. Until now, one could run for mayor from the age of 25. Now this is possible from the age of 23. Also, the number of signatures needed for registering independent candidates as competitors was decreased to 1%. Earlier, the number was too high, even excessively high for such cities as Chisinau and Balti. It was a bureaucratic hindrance to running as a candidate. Now the figure is much lower. The election campaign will start 30 days before election day, regardless of the type of elections,” stated Nicolae Panfil.

For the first time, the Electoral Code stipulates when local general elections will be held. This is the last Sunday of October or the first Sunday of November. This way, the local elections this year will take place on October 29 or November 4.

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