CEC invites electoral actors to sign Conduct Code

The Central Election Commission is urging all the actors involved in the electoral process to sign a Conduct Code that sets out ethical rules for how the October 20 local elections and snap parliamentary elections should be conducted and how they should be covered in the media.

Maxim Lebedinschi, CEC secretary general, says that the signatories of the Code undertake to carry out a fair electoral campaign, in equal competition conditions. At the same time, they commit themselves to respecting the participants’ dignity in the electoral process and to contribute to a climate of mutual trust and respect between the signatories. "Even if this Code is rather a moral obligation than a legal one, do not forget about the legal responsibilities", CEC secretary stressed. According to Dorin Cimil, CEC chairman, the document is important for the political actors’ conduct.

The Secretary General of the Green Ecological Party, Vitalie Marinuţa, signatory of the Code, said that in the previous election campaign the party represented by him strictly observed the law, but, unfortunately, some electoral competitors did not do the same. Vitalie Marinuta recommended the CEC members to come up with solutions so that signing of the document be effective.

The ideological secretary of the Socialist Party, Ion Ceban, said that the signing of the Code was a firm commitment of the party represented by him. Ion Ceban urged all those who would be involved in the electoral process to focus on people’s problems, on finding solutions to solve them and not on attacks on competitors. "We are ready to have a very fair campaign towards everyone," Ion Ceban said.

Those who wish to sign the document can do so by visiting the CEC.

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