Candu suggests Dodon delayed hostages’ return for electoral gains

Speaker Andrian Candu says the two Moldovan hostages freed from Afghanistan could have been home four months ago already, if it weren’t for President Igor Dodon’s “cynical ways” of obstructing their return for electoral gains.

“The Moldovan authorities will have to look at this situation from a legal viewpoint and see how Igor Dodon used cynical means to abduct (the hostages) once again and obstruct their return. This is a crime”, declared Candu in video posted on FB.

“It is good news that the Moldovan pilots that were held hostage in Afghanistan are all right and could soon be home. The Moldovan authorities are already taking official steps to ensure their return without further delay. As an official regularly updated on the negotiations to free them, I can tell you that the Moldovan hostages were supposed to return home as far back as four months ago, when the Moldovan authorities ended the negotiations.

“However, at the last moment, everything was blocked. Someone told the kidnappers to detain them a little bit longer and send them home via Moscow. Our authorities have been trying for four months to find out who is behind this blockage and for what purpose”, said the Speaker, adding that today it became clear who.

Candu has further accused Dodon of trying to palaver the released Moldovan pilots into making statements that would win votes for Dodon’s Socialists in the upcoming elections. “We are officially urging President Dodon to stop holding those Moldovan pilots hostage to electoral interests in Moscow, after they suffered enough for three years”.

Earlier today Igor Dodon broke the news about the pilots’ release, suggesting that Moscow’s negotiating power and his decision to request Russian intervention had been instrumental to the operation. He also suggested he could personally travel to Moscow at the end of this week to accompany the released hostages back to Chisinau.

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